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Maddie & Kerry | NWA Wedding

Maddie & Kerry tied the knot on April 11th in NWA. It was our first wedding to shoot in NWA and we LOVED the venue! One of our favorite barns ever and one of our favorite couples! The ceremony and reception was held at the Cypress Barn in Siloam Springs. Lighting was amazing, weather was amazing and they looked fabulous! Also another first for us – Kerry was our first Marine groom! (Our favorite grooms cake EVER is also featured in this blog post) We loved getting to work with this blonde bombshell and her handsome groom. You two are the sweetest and we hope to photograph some Bartholomew babies one day!

ps: This is a great example of the benefits of doing a first look! They have SO many great portraits of just the two of them because we had extra time because they did a first look. Not required but a definite plus!

Lots of love!

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Events Rental & Florals | Conway, AR

Sometimes we get to work with other vendors and just play! This is one of the best things about our job – working with other vendors! We loved getting to do a shoot for Events Rental and Floral in Conway. The owner, Jennifer, is the sweetest! And the head floral designer, Anna, is AMAZING! This duo and their team were so fun and we all used our collective creative visions to capture these images! In this blog post we showcase some of their rental items and some of their fabulous florals! We love working with them and so excited that three of our May brides are using them! We can’t wait to work with them more!



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Sara + Tanner | North Little Rock Engagements

We have been a little behind on blogging from all of the shoots and weddings we have been doing lately (which is good), so I am just now blogging this fabulous session! We has been wanting to shoot at this location we found while hiking but needed a couple who would be up for a little walk! We knew this couple was the one!It took us 25 minutes to get there and 25 minutes to get back but it was so worth it! Sara and Tanner were fabulous to work with and so easy to photograph! We can’t wait to shoot their wedding this September! For now, enjoy these shots that showcase one of our favorite places in Arkansas.


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Emily & Jordan Harris | Howell, AR Wedding

We really love so many things about this wedding and we are so excited to finally share it! Emily and Jordan tied the knot last month at the beginning of April. We had a BLAST at this wedding! Emily was my sorority sister and friend way before they became our clients, but she went out of her way to make sure Jaison and I were doing alright and having fun the entire night! (Which she did not have to do AT ALL, but we so dearly appreciate her kindness.) This wedding was held in Howell, Arkansas at The Barn at Cypress Meadows Plantation. It was our first time to work a wedding there but it did not disappoint! The inside of the barn was gorgeous! The photos we got to capture at sunset are my favorite part of this blog post, the lighting was beautiful and their sweet dog got in on a few pictures too! Check out Jordan’s ring too, it is so unique and made for some sweet ring shots!

We hope you enjoy!


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Renee Benton | Little Rock Bridals

Today was Renee’s wedding to Justin, which means I can share her sweet bridals! This is the first time I have used oversized balloons for bridals but I love the way they pop against the greenery! They’re just fun! She looked so stunningly gorgeous! Loved photographing their wedding today and can’t wait to share their wedding photos! For now, enjoy her precious session!

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