Brook James | Marlsgate Plantation Bridal Luncheon


Sometimes we get the opportunity to photograph some really awesome events, Brook’s bridal luncheon was one of those events. Jaison naturally did not attend this with me (ha)! I seriously had the best time! Brook and her bridal party/family made me feel so welcome, and I appreciated that more than they know. They rented out Marlsgate Plantation in Scott, which was surprisingly my first time seeing the plantation in person. It was amazing. Brook got all the guests (even me) unique teacups and saucers to take home as party favors, which was adorable because it was a Tea Party theme! Lunch — was AMAZING! Those Marlsgate chefs know how to cook! I am gushing over these photos and just the day in general, it was the best bridal lunch I have ever been to!!

Lots of love,

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