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Reagan Sperling | NLR Senior

We can’t believe it is almost time for Reagan to graduate – it seems like yesterday that we shot these senior photos for her! She is an amazing athlete at North Little Rock High School; and we thought it was such a fun idea when she wanted to center the theme for her session around athletics! We started at D1 in Little Rock, where she trains & ended on the softball field. We are so happy with how these turned out and we are excited to share them with the world (finally)! We have so many awesome clients and we wish we had the time to feature every single one and their amazing sessions – cheers to catching up on blogging!

-Jaison and Callie

Brighton Gilbert | Oklahoma High School Senior

When Brighton booked her senior session we were SO flattered – this girl and her sweet mom drove 6 hours from Oklahoma to have us take them! We couldn’t believe that she wanted to use us so badly, but we couldn’t be more thankful! A huge thank you to both D1 in Little Rock and the Sherwood Sports Complex for letting us use their facilities. We couldn’t have done this shoot without both of them being so kind to us! We hope your senior year is amazing, Brighton! Thank you for making our whole year by driving so far for this session! We hope you love them as much as we do!

<3 Callie and Jaison

501 Crossfit | Fitness Shoot

I started working out at the Athletic Club last January. Ever since seeing the 501 athletes work out I had been very skeptical about trying Crossfit. In October I finally decided I would try it! And wouldn’t you know it, I absolutely loved it and the rest is history!! 501 Crossfit is a great place to work out and everyone is very supportive of one another. I am very thankful to have met so many awesome people through Crossfit and I am very excited to share the photos from their photoshoot!!



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NLR Basketball Photoshoot 2014/2015 Season

It’s officially basketball season!! I was lucky enough to do another photoshoot with the NLR Basketball team this year!! I tried a bit of a different approach with the lighting scheme this year and they all turned out wonderfully!! Can’t wait to cover the games this season!!


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