Sarah W. | Little Rock Bridals

Sarah was a stunning bride this past month at her wedding to James. We are catching up on blogging and her session is one I have been dying to share for a few months now. These were taken in Little Rock at the Terry House, which turned out to be the perfect setting (it is seriously so beautiful there)! Her gown was the perfect fit for her tiny little waist and we loved her beautiful veil. The ones of the back of her dress with the sun shining through are some of my favorite bridals of all time.


SarahWhiteBridals-3 SarahWhiteBridals-4 SarahWhiteBridals-5 SarahWhiteBridals-6 SarahWhiteBridals-7 SarahWhiteBridals-8 SarahWhiteBridals-9 SarahWhiteBridals-10 SarahWhiteBridals-11 SarahWhiteBridals-12 SarahWhiteBridals-13 SarahWhiteBridals-14 SarahWhiteBridals-15 SarahWhiteBridals-16 SarahWhiteBridals-17 SarahWhiteBridals-18 SarahWhiteBridals-19 SarahWhiteBridals-20 SarahWhiteBridals-21 SarahWhiteBridals-22 SarahWhiteBridals-23 SarahWhiteBridals-24 SarahWhiteBridals-25 SarahWhiteBridals-26 SarahWhiteBridals-27 SarahWhiteBridals-28 SarahWhiteBridals-29 SarahWhiteBridals-30 SarahWhiteBridals-31 SarahWhiteBridals-32 SarahWhiteBridals-33 SarahWhiteBridals-34 SarahWhiteBridals-35 SarahWhiteBridals-36 SarahWhiteBridals-37 SarahWhiteBridals-38 SarahWhiteBridals-39 SarahWhiteBridals-40 SarahWhiteBridals-41 SarahWhiteBridals-42 SarahWhiteBridals-43 SarahWhiteBridals-44 SarahWhiteBridals-45 SarahWhiteBridals-46 SarahWhiteBridals-47 SarahWhiteBridals-48 SarahWhiteBridals-49 SarahWhiteBridals-50 SarahWhiteBridals-51 SarahWhiteBridalsSarahWhiteBridals-2


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