Jessica Bridals | Little Rock, AR

The rain changed up our entire plan for these bridals but we still love the way they turned out! The Capitol is always a great go-to in the event of rain. So we switched our plans from the Castle on Stagecoach and began the shoot. We got lucky enough to do some outside before the rain hit, and the Terry House was the perfect location for our outdoor part of the session. We loved hanging out with Jess while taking these — just wait for their wedding photos! Coming soon!

Lots of love,

bridals(b)bridals(b)-2 bridals(b)-3 bridals(b)-4 bridals(b)-5 bridals(b)-6 bridals(b)-7 bridals(b)-8 bridals(b)-9 bridals(b)-10 bridals(b)-11 bridals(b)-12 bridals(b)-13 bridals(b)-14 bridals(b)-15 bridals(b)-16 bridals(b)-17 bridals(b)-18 bridals(b)-19 bridals(b)-20 bridals(b)-21 bridals(b)-22 bridals(b)-23 bridals(b)-24 bridals(b)-25 bridals(b)-26 bridals(b)-27 bridals(b)-28 bridals(b)-29 bridals(b)-30

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