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Nicki & Jordan | Maumelle Wedding

Nicki is one of my best friend’a sisters & we have gotten the chance to get closer with Nicki & Jordan through Abbey! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! And Jordan, he is a hoot & so much fun to be around. We truly had a blast with you guys. From the beer canoe to the beauty of your ceremony, everything was perfect. It was out first time to shoot at Park on the River in Maumelle & we loved it! & we love you & your family! xoxo!
-Callie & Jaison
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Kayla & Josh | Conway Engagement


I am so thankful to have met Kayla and Josh through SOS (Student Orientation Staff) at UCA. They are two peas in a pod. They’re just so cool to be around and so full of energy! Their shoot down by the Arkansas River could not have been more original. They brought their hammocks, Greek Shirts and SOS shirts because they wanted their shoot to be completely unique and personalized, and it truly was one of a kind. Their hammock shots are some of my favorite photographs that we have ever taken. To top off the day Kayla and Josh knew how cool we thought their hammocks were that they later surprised us with one of our own. Now Jaison and I have a new favorite past-time. We are so bummed that we will be crusin’ (to Jamaica) during their wedding but luckily they have some awesome photographers shooting their big day, who happen to be some of our dearest friends, Kayla and Chris of KB McElmurry. We are so happy for Josh and Kayla and wish these two all the best in their marriage! We love you guys!

-Callie and Jaison

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Erica | Bridal Portraits

We are so thankful Erica and Chase chose us to capture a new chapter in their life story. From engagement portraits in the fall, to the wonderful bridal session in the spring, and finally to the big wedding day on June 1st! We absolutely loved capturing their special moments over the past year. Chase and Erica have become some of Callie and I’s closest friends and we wish them many years of joy and happiness!

Below are some of Erica’s beautiful bridal portraits!


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