Richard + Allie | Engagements

Allie and I went to high school at North Little Rock & we also went to UCA together! I met with her and her mom a few months back about doing her & Richard’s wedding and I was pumped! And I got to find out her mom is a fellow Alpha Tau! They chose Two River’s Park for their engagements & as always this location NEVER disappoints! We loved their laid back personalities and sweet spirits! Although pictures aren’t Richard’s favorite thing to do, he did AWESOME!! 😉 We can not wait to shoot her bridals and their wedding day! Much love!

-The Sterlings
Allie&Richard-2 Allie&Richard Allie&Richard-3 Allie&Richard-4 Allie&Richard-5 Allie&Richard-6 Allie&Richard-7 Allie&Richard-8 Allie&Richard-9 Allie&Richard-10 Allie&Richard-11 Allie&Richard-12 Allie&Richard-13 Allie&Richard-14 Allie&Richard-15 Allie&Richard-16 Allie&Richard-17 Allie&Richard-18 Allie&Richard-19 Allie&Richard-20 Allie&Richard-21 Allie&Richard-22 Allie&Richard-23 Allie&Richard-24 Allie&Richard-25 Allie&Richard-26 Allie&Richard-27 Allie&Richard-28 Allie&Richard-29 Allie&Richard-30 Allie&Richard-31

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