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Kasey + Brent | Sherwood, AR Engagement

Kasey and I met many years ago when I was in middle school and she was just starting high school. It is amazing to see where she is today with her sweet family. I am so thankful when old friends look to us for their wedding photography needs! It is such an amazing feeling! Braylon, their son played big role in their engagement pictures too. I was so glad that they included him! If he wasn’t having his picture made, he was making us laugh and providing comic relief. These two will tie the knot at LOFT 1023 on New Year’s Eve! We cannot wait to shoot this wintery wedding!

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Richard + Allie | Engagements

Allie and I went to high school at North Little Rock & we also went to UCA together! I met with her and her mom a few months back about doing her & Richard’s wedding and I was pumped! And I got to find out her mom is a fellow Alpha Tau! They chose Two River’s Park for their engagements & as always this location NEVER disappoints! We loved their laid back personalities and sweet spirits! Although pictures aren’t Richard’s favorite thing to do, he did AWESOME!! 😉 We can not wait to shoot her bridals and their wedding day! Much love!

-The Sterlings
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