Jacob & Rebecca | Engagement

Rebecca has been my good friend since freshman year when we pledged Alpha Tau together. She has always been one of my sweetest dearest friends from college. Jacob and her have been together a long time and I often ask her when is Jacob going to propose?!? When he did my heart was so happy for the both of them! When she e-mailed me about shooting her wedding I was SO SO EXCITED! I can’t believe how perfect these engagements turned out. We have shot one other engagement session here and Rebecca loved the location so we made a short trip to Little Rock.

Enjoy this stunning couple!
p.s. Ladies aren’t you jealous of those legs?! Rebecca is my new gym inspiration!

Rebecca&Jacob(b) Rebecca&Jacob(b)-2 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-3 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-4 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-5 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-6 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-7 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-8 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-9 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-10 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-11 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-12 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-13 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-14 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-15 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-16 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-17 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-18 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-19 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-20 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-21 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-22 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-23 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-24 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-25 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-26 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-27 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-28 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-29 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-30 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-31 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-32 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-33 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-34 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-35 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-36 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-37 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-38 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-39 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-40 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-41 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-42 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-43 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-44 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-45 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-46 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-47 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-48 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-49 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-50 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-51 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-52 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-53 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-54 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-55 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-56 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-57 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-58

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