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Jacob & Rebecca | Engagement

Rebecca has been my good friend since freshman year when we pledged Alpha Tau together. She has always been one of my sweetest dearest friends from college. Jacob and her have been together a long time and I often ask her when is Jacob going to propose?!? When he did my heart was so happy for the both of them! When she e-mailed me about shooting her wedding I was SO SO EXCITED! I can’t believe how perfect these engagements turned out. We have shot one other engagement session here and Rebecca loved the location so we made a short trip to Little Rock.

Enjoy this stunning couple!
p.s. Ladies aren’t you jealous of those legs?! Rebecca is my new gym inspiration!

Rebecca&Jacob(b) Rebecca&Jacob(b)-2 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-3 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-4 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-5 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-6 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-7 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-8 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-9 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-10 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-11 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-12 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-13 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-14 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-15 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-16 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-17 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-18 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-19 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-20 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-21 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-22 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-23 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-24 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-25 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-26 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-27 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-28 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-29 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-30 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-31 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-32 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-33 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-34 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-35 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-36 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-37 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-38 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-39 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-40 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-41 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-42 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-43 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-44 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-45 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-46 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-47 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-48 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-49 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-50 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-51 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-52 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-53 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-54 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-55 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-56 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-57 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-58

Matthew & Torie | Little Rock Engagement

Have we mentioned that we love shooting fellow UCA Bears? Especially ones that are friends of our friends! These two were referred to us by some very dear friends of ours, Erica and Chase Watson. Torie caught the bouquet last June at “Cherica’s” wedding & little did we know that we would shoot their wedding in May 2015! We had such a good time with you two in Little Rock & we can not wait to spend your wedding day capturing your love story!

Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-7 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-11 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-12 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-16 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-17 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-22 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-23 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-26 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-28 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-33 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-41 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-42 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-45 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-47 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-49 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-52 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-54 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-57 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-66 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-67 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-69 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-72 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-77 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-81

Kori & Blake | Conway Engagement

Kori & Blake were such a fun couple to shoot! It was supposed to rain that day but the rain held off just long enough to finish their session. We had some pretty hilarious things happen, like the man who was living in the old house we were shooting in front of. Blake’s parent’s friends own the house but we totally didn’t expect a man to pop out of the window. I digress… The photos were so easy to take though, these two are naturals! The Vilonia scenery was amazing, also!

We hope you enjoy!

Kori&Blake-2 Kori&Blake Kori&Blake-3 Kori&Blake-4 Kori&Blake-5 Kori&Blake-6 Kori&Blake-7 Kori&Blake-8 Kori&Blake-9 Kori&Blake-10 Kori&Blake-11 Kori&Blake-12 Kori&Blake-13 Kori&Blake-14 Kori&Blake-15 Kori&Blake-16 Kori&Blake-17 Kori&Blake-18 Kori&Blake-19 Kori&Blake-20 Kori&Blake-21 Kori&Blake-22 Kori&Blake-23 Kori&Blake-24 Kori&Blake-25 Kori&Blake-26 Kori&Blake-27 Kori&Blake-28 Kori&Blake-29 Kori&Blake-30 Kori&Blake-31 Kori&Blake-32 Kori&Blake-33 Kori&Blake-34 Kori&Blake-35 Kori&Blake-36 Kori&Blake-37 Kori&Blake-38 Kori&Blake-39

Taylor & Alexa | Engagement

Alexa and Taylor’s photos are up on the blog! I have really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph several of my sorority sisters this past month! Lucky to call these beautiful women my sisters & friends. Taylor and Alexa are such a go-getter couple & we are so happy that they are finally engaged! Can’t wait until their fabulous wedding next year!


Callie and Jaison

taylor&alexaINTERNET TaylorAlexa1 TaylorAlexa2 TaylorAlexa3 TaylorAlexa4 TaylorAlexa5 TaylorAlexa6 TaylorAlexa7 TaylorAlexa8 TaylorAlexa9 TaylorAlexa10 TaylorAlexa11 TaylorAlexa12 TaylorAlexa13 TaylorAlexa14 TaylorAlexa15 TaylorAlexa16 TaylorAlexa17 TaylorAlexa18 TaylorAlexa19 TaylorAlexa20 TaylorAlexa21 TaylorAlexa22 TaylorAlexa23 TaylorAlexa24 TaylorAlexa25 TaylorAlexa26 TaylorAlexa27 TaylorAlexa28 TaylorAlexa29 TaylorAlexa30 TaylorAlexa31 TaylorAlexa32 TaylorAlexa33

Medium Format!

Last week I got quite the surprise at work. A client brought in a Mamiya rz67 and two Pentax 645s. He had owned his own photography business before becoming a preacher. He told me I could have the cameras as long as I used them!

Well of course I am going to use them! I went that day and bought film.

This past Sunday, Callie and I got to do a wonderful engagement session for Olivia & Braxton. I asked them if it would be alright if I took some photos with film. They both agreed and said they could not wait to see the photos! Well, I finally have my first roll of 120 back from being developed and I LOVE it!!

These are the photos from the Mamiya rz67.

0007951-R1-08-9 0007951-R1-05-6 0007951-R1-06-7 0007951-R1-03-4 0007951-R1-04-5 0007951-R1-01-2 0007951-R1-02-3 0007951-R1-00-1