Matthew & Torie | Little Rock Engagement

Have we mentioned that we love shooting fellow UCA Bears? Especially ones that are friends of our friends! These two were referred to us by some very dear friends of ours, Erica and Chase Watson. Torie caught the bouquet last June at “Cherica’s” wedding & little did we know that we would shoot their wedding in May 2015! We had such a good time with you two in Little Rock & we can not wait to spend your wedding day capturing your love story!

Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-7 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-11 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-12 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-16 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-17 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-22 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-23 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-26 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-28 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-33 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-41 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-42 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-45 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-47 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-49 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-52 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-54 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-57 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-66 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-67 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-69 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-72 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-77 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-81

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