Kori & Blake | Conway Engagement

Kori & Blake were such a fun couple to shoot! It was supposed to rain that day but the rain held off just long enough to finish their session. We had some pretty hilarious things happen, like the man who was living in the old house we were shooting in front of. Blake’s parent’s friends own the house but we totally didn’t expect a man to pop out of the window. I digress… The photos were so easy to take though, these two are naturals! The Vilonia scenery was amazing, also!

We hope you enjoy!

Kori&Blake-2 Kori&Blake Kori&Blake-3 Kori&Blake-4 Kori&Blake-5 Kori&Blake-6 Kori&Blake-7 Kori&Blake-8 Kori&Blake-9 Kori&Blake-10 Kori&Blake-11 Kori&Blake-12 Kori&Blake-13 Kori&Blake-14 Kori&Blake-15 Kori&Blake-16 Kori&Blake-17 Kori&Blake-18 Kori&Blake-19 Kori&Blake-20 Kori&Blake-21 Kori&Blake-22 Kori&Blake-23 Kori&Blake-24 Kori&Blake-25 Kori&Blake-26 Kori&Blake-27 Kori&Blake-28 Kori&Blake-29 Kori&Blake-30 Kori&Blake-31 Kori&Blake-32 Kori&Blake-33 Kori&Blake-34 Kori&Blake-35 Kori&Blake-36 Kori&Blake-37 Kori&Blake-38 Kori&Blake-39

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