Last week I got quite the surprise at work. A client brought in a Mamiya rz67 and two Pentax 645s. He had owned his own photography business before becoming a preacher. He told me I could have the cameras as long as I used them!

Well of course I am going to use them! I went that day and bought film.

This past Sunday, Callie and I got to do a wonderful engagement session for Olivia & Braxton. I asked them if it would be alright if I took some photos with film. They both agreed and said they could not wait to see the photos! Well, I finally have my first roll of 120 back from being developed and I LOVE it!!

These are the photos from the Mamiya rz67.

0007951-R1-08-9 0007951-R1-05-6 0007951-R1-06-7 0007951-R1-03-4 0007951-R1-04-5 0007951-R1-01-2 0007951-R1-02-3 0007951-R1-00-1