So, I finally got my black and white medium format film back from being developed and it turned out pretty well. I was using my new (old, new to me) Pentax 645 medium format film camera on this shoot as well as my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. The images from the Mamiya were spectacular. But, when I received the film back from the Pentax I was a little disappointed. The photos were not as crisp as I am used to seeing. Granted I fixed that with a little work in Lightroom. Now, I know if my Nikon F2 can take stunning photos such as this, with awesome contrast and detail,

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— then my Pentax 645 should be able to take a lot better photos, crisper. Maybe its just the place that processed the film? Both the 35mm and 120 film were Kodak Tmax. The 35mm was 400ISO and the 120 film was 100ISO.

Here are the photos. I had to do some sharpening and contrast adjustments in Lightroom to get the photos the way I like.

S007987-R1-11-11 S007987-R1-03-3 S007987-R1-14-14

I would like some feedback from those who know film photography. Maybe is it me not having the right settings or it may be the place where I got the film processed.

Also, if anyone knows of a good place to have film developed let me know!!


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