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Haley Palanca + Daniel Hopkins | Paron, Arkansas

Haley and Daniel tied the knot on October 28, 2016 at Cold Springs in Paron, Arkansas. Sitting on 100 acres near Little Rock, Cold Springs is a relatively new wedding venue, less than two years old.
 I loved working with this couple, I can not say that enough. They both have the such easy-going beautiful personalities! They are just gorgeous on the inside and out!
 The Hopkins said “I do” at an outdoor ceremony by the lake, with florals with rich colors and greenery – Anna Rogers of Magnolia Belle Floral truly made their southern vision come to life with beautiful arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres. Their flower girls wore navy blue dresses, which matched the groomsmen and the ring bearer looked so cute in his suspenders!
As you entered into their reception – canvases over 5 feet tall hung on both sides of the entry-way. & Their pizza bar was a huge hit with guests (and their vendors)! Their cake was  beautiful and served as one of the main focal point of the room.
We ended the night with a beautiful sparkler exit! I could look at these images forever — cheers to officially blogging our first wedding this year!
Videography: Betwixt Magnolias 
Click here to view their wedding film by Betwixt Magnolias

Kendra + Steven James | Mayflower, AR Wedding

Kendra and Steven are two of the kindest souls. This was a bride that started out as a friend, but we grew even closer as we worked together. She is fun, always laughing and has the sweetest spirit. Steven matches her just the same! From eating ice cream during their engagement photos all the way to the big day – we had a blast. We couldn’t be more blessed to call these two our friends! Cheers!





Venue: Barn at Lollie

Bride’s Dress: Low’s Bridal and Formal

Cakes: Stephanie Boyd

DJ: Central Arkansas Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Olivia Yeager

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: The Bridal Cottage

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Floral: Kim Benton


The Sterlings | Our Vacation on Film

We wanted to share some of our vacation pics with you! We had a blast on this cruise with my parents and sister! This was taken on all expired film and Jaison took most of these! I took the digital copies which we are still in the process of editing! We visited Jamaica, Mexico and the Grand Cayman Islands! It was one of the best vacations ever! We hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our visit to paradise!

~ The Sterlings

p.s. If anyone was wondering, the film used was Kodak Ektachrome, all medium format!
Sterling Vacation Vacay286-2 Vacay287-2 Vacay288 Vacay289 Vacay290 Vacay291 Vacay292 Vacay293 Vacay294-2 Vacay295 Vacay296 Vacay297 Vacay298 Vacay299 Vacay300 Vacay301 Vacay302 Vacay304 Vacay305 Vacay306-2 Vacay307 Vacay308 Vacay309 Vacay310 Vacay311 Vacay312 Vacay313 Vacay314 Vacay315 Vacay316 Vacay317 Vacay318 Vacay319 Vacay320 Vacay321 Vacay322 Vacay323 Vacay324 Vacay325 Vacay326 Vacay327 Vacay329 Vacay330 Vacay331 Vacay333 Vacay334 Vacay335 Vacay336 Vacay337 Vacay338 Vacay339 Vacay340 Vacay342 Vacay343 Vacay344 Vacay345 Vacay346 Vacay347 Vacay349 Vacay350 Vacay351 Vacay352 Vacay353 Vacay354 Vacay355 Vacay356 Vacay357 Vacay359 Vacay360 Vacay361 Vacay362 Vacay363 Vacay364 Vacay365 Vacay366 Vacay367 Vacay368 Vacay369 Vacay370 Vacay371 Vacay372 Vacay373 Vacay374 Vacay375 Vacay376 Vacay377 Vacay378 Vacay379 Vacay380 Vacay381 Vacay382 Vacay383 Vacay384 Vacay386 Vacay387 Vacay388 Vacay389 Vacay390 Vacay391 Vacay392 Vacay393 Vacay394 Vacay395 Vacay396 Vacay397 Vacay398 Vacay399 Vacay400 Vacay401 Vacay402 Vacay403 Vacay404 Vacay405 Vacay406 Vacay407 Vacay408 Vacay410 Vacay411 Vacay412 Vacay413 Vacay415 Vacay416 Vacay417 Vacay418 Vacay419 Vacay420 Vacay422 Vacay423 Vacay424 Vacay426 Vacay427 Vacay428 Vacay429 Vacay430 Vacay431 Vacay432 Vacay433 Vacay434 Vacay435 Vacay436 Vacay438 Vacay439

Kimberly Phipps | 501 Life Photoshoot

Kim is top 1 the coolest woman I know! Her fiancé, Chris is one lucky guy. We can’t wait to shoot their engagements and wedding next May! When I knew that 501 Life Magazine (a publication that I am a contributor for) was doing a “wheels” edition for the month of September, I knew I had to suggest Kim to the owner! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way the photos turned out. Taken right in the heart of North Little Rock, this little path was the perfect place! We tried some fun lighting for this one. We hope we captured Kim’s fun, daring personality!

Love her so much!


All the black and white photos were shot on film (Ilford Delta 400)!! We love film!

kimphipps-2 kimphipps-3 kimphipps kimphipps-4 kimphipps-5 kimphipps-6 kimphipps-7 kimphipps-8 kimphipps-9 kimphipps-10 kimphipps-11 kimphipps-12 kimphipps-13 kimphipps-14 kimphipps-15

Emily & Jordan | Lonoke Engagement

We are so happy to work with Emily again! We did her senior pictures from UCA earlier this year and now she is ENGAGED! Jordan is quite the catch & we are so happy to share their sweet country themed session! We took these in Lonoke at her family’s home. We love the classic feel to these photos! You two are precious and we cannot wait to shoot your wedding next year!


Emily&Jordan Emily&Jordan-2 Emily&Jordan-3 Emily&Jordan-4 Emily&Jordan-5 Emily&Jordan-6 Emily&Jordan-7 Emily&Jordan-8 Emily&Jordan-9 Emily&Jordan-10 Emily&Jordan-11 Emily&Jordan-12 Emily&Jordan-13 Emily&Jordan-14 Emily&Jordan-15 Emily&Jordan-16 Emily&Jordan-17 Emily&Jordan-18 Emily&Jordan-19 Emily&Jordan-20 Emily&Jordan-21 Emily&Jordan-22 Emily&Jordan-23 Emily&Jordan-24 Emily&Jordan-25 Emily&Jordan-26 Emily&Jordan-27 Emily&Jordan-28 Emily&Jordan-29 Emily&Jordan-30 Emily&Jordan-31 Emily&Jordan-33 Emily&Jordan-34 Emily&Jordan-35 Emily&Jordan-36 Emily&Jordan-37 Emily&Jordan-38

Kayla & Bo | Heber Springs Engagement

Kayla has been one of my dearest friends since we were pledging Alpha Tau in 2010. She has a heart of gold. I am so happy that she has met someone who has a heart as big as hers. Bo is truly the perfect match for Kayla. It has been an honor as your friend to shoot your engagement photos & be able to show the world just how much you two love one another! We are so excited to attend and photograph your wedding! January 17, 2015 here we come!

Ps: super pumped to share my birthday with you two! I can’t wait to celebrate with both of you!


Kayla&Bo-2 Kayla&Bo-4 Kayla&Bo-7 Kayla&Bo-9 Kayla&Bo-11 Kayla&Bo-13 Kayla&Bo-16 Kayla&Bo-18 Kayla&Bo-19 Kayla&Bo-21 Kayla&Bo-22 Kayla&Bo-25 Kayla&Bo-27 Kayla&Bo-29 Kayla&Bo-30 Kayla&Bo-31 Kayla&Bo-32 Kayla&Bo-35 Kayla&Bo-36 Kayla&Bo-38 Kayla&Bo-40 Kayla&Bo-44 Kayla&Bo-45 Kayla&Bo-46 Kayla&Bo-48 Kayla&Bo-50 Kayla&Bo-51
Kayla&Bo-55 Kayla&Bo-57 Kayla&Bo-60 Kayla&Bo-62 Kayla&Bo-63 Kayla&Bo-71 Kayla&Bo-72 Kayla&Bo-76 Kayla&Bo-77 Kayla&Bo-79 Kayla&Bo-80 Kayla&Bo-82 Kayla&Bo-83 Kayla&Bo-84 Kayla&Bo-85 Kayla&Bo-87 Kayla&Bo-88 Kayla&Bo-90 Kayla&Bo-93 Kayla&Bo-95 Kayla&Bo-96 Kayla&Bo-98 Kayla&Bo-102 Kayla&Bo-105 Kayla&Bo-109 Kayla&Bo-110