Hannah & Justin | Auburn Wedding | Film Photos

This was the first wedding that I actually got to take a lot of 35mm and medium format film photos. I absolutely love the timeless, classic look of film, especially medium format. The look you get with digital photos is just not the same as with film photos.

I hope you enjoy the film photos from Hannah & Justin’s wedding and rehearsal!

Jaison & Callie

C016463-R1-13-14 C016463-R1-12-13 C016463-R1-10-11 C016463-R1-09-10 C016463-R1-07-8 C016463-R1-05-6 C016463-R1-03-4 C016463-R1-02-3 C016463-R1-01-2 C016463-R1-00-1 C006471-R1-12-13 C006471-R1-11-12 C006471-R1-10-11 C006471-R1-08-9 C006471-R1-07-8 C006471-R1-05-6 C006471-R1-04-5 C006471-R1-01-2 C006466-R1-23-24 C006466-R1-12-13 C006466-R1-09-10 C006465-R1-11-12 C006465-R1-10-11 C006465-R1-08-9 C006465-R1-05-6

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