Kayla & Bo | Heber Springs Engagement

Kayla has been one of my dearest friends since we were pledging Alpha Tau in 2010. She has a heart of gold. I am so happy that she has met someone who has a heart as big as hers. Bo is truly the perfect match for Kayla. It has been an honor as your friend to shoot your engagement photos & be able to show the world just how much you two love one another! We are so excited to attend and photograph your wedding! January 17, 2015 here we come!

Ps: super pumped to share my birthday with you two! I can’t wait to celebrate with both of you!


Kayla&Bo-2 Kayla&Bo-4 Kayla&Bo-7 Kayla&Bo-9 Kayla&Bo-11 Kayla&Bo-13 Kayla&Bo-16 Kayla&Bo-18 Kayla&Bo-19 Kayla&Bo-21 Kayla&Bo-22 Kayla&Bo-25 Kayla&Bo-27 Kayla&Bo-29 Kayla&Bo-30 Kayla&Bo-31 Kayla&Bo-32 Kayla&Bo-35 Kayla&Bo-36 Kayla&Bo-38 Kayla&Bo-40 Kayla&Bo-44 Kayla&Bo-45 Kayla&Bo-46 Kayla&Bo-48 Kayla&Bo-50 Kayla&Bo-51
Kayla&Bo-55 Kayla&Bo-57 Kayla&Bo-60 Kayla&Bo-62 Kayla&Bo-63 Kayla&Bo-71 Kayla&Bo-72 Kayla&Bo-76 Kayla&Bo-77 Kayla&Bo-79 Kayla&Bo-80 Kayla&Bo-82 Kayla&Bo-83 Kayla&Bo-84 Kayla&Bo-85 Kayla&Bo-87 Kayla&Bo-88 Kayla&Bo-90 Kayla&Bo-93 Kayla&Bo-95 Kayla&Bo-96 Kayla&Bo-98 Kayla&Bo-102 Kayla&Bo-105 Kayla&Bo-109 Kayla&Bo-110 Kayla&Bo-121 Kayla&Bo-128 Kayla&Bo-130 Kayla&Bo-133 Kayla&Bo-135 Kayla&Bo-136 Kayla&Bo-139 Kayla&Bo-141 Kayla&Bo-142 Kayla&Bo-146 Kayla&Bo-147 Kayla&Bo-152 Kayla&Bo-155 Kayla&Bo-157 Kayla&Bo-158 Kayla&Bo-159 Kayla&Bo kayla&bo_film-2 kayla&bo_film-4 kayla&bo_film-6 kayla&bo_film-13 kayla&bo_film-14 kayla&bo_film-19

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