We are a little behind on blogging but this girl is too sweet not to blog her session! This was my second time to photograph Anna Belle and each time has been amazing! Her big blue eyes are beautiful. I can’t get enough of these pictures from her first birthday! She is gorgeous just like her mom! (Her whole family is beautiful!)

AnnaBelle-55 AnnaBelle-54 AnnaBelle-52 AnnaBelle-49 AnnaBelle-48 AnnaBelle-44 AnnaBelle-43 AnnaBelle-42 AnnaBelle-37 AnnaBelle-36 AnnaBelle-34 AnnaBelle-33 AnnaBelle-32 AnnaBelle-29 AnnaBelle-23 AnnaBelle-22 AnnaBelle-21 AnnaBelle-20 AnnaBelle-18 AnnaBelle-16 AnnaBelle-15 AnnaBelle-11 AnnaBelle-9 AnnaBelle-7 AnnaBelle-5 AnnaBelle-4 AnnaBelle-3 AnnaBelle-11 AnnaBelle-9 AnnaBelle-7 AnnaBelle-5 Anna Belle

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