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Levi Glenn Perkins | 1 Year Old Photos

Levi Glenn Perkins is too cool and too cute! (Probably because he has some pretty cute and cool parents.) I seriously LOVE this little guy. We have loved documenting his parent’s wedding, mom’s pregnancy, 6 months photos and now his 1 year photos! (And his mom’s real estate headshots). I sincerely am looking forward to capturing Levi’s big life moments for years to come! Love you little guy!

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Anna Belle

We are a little behind on blogging but this girl is too sweet not to blog her session! This was my second time to photograph Anna Belle and each time has been amazing! Her big blue eyes are beautiful. I can’t get enough of these pictures from her first birthday! She is gorgeous just like her mom! (Her whole family is beautiful!)

AnnaBelle-55 AnnaBelle-54 AnnaBelle-52 AnnaBelle-49 AnnaBelle-48 AnnaBelle-44 AnnaBelle-43 AnnaBelle-42 AnnaBelle-37 AnnaBelle-36 AnnaBelle-34 AnnaBelle-33 AnnaBelle-32 AnnaBelle-29 AnnaBelle-23 AnnaBelle-22 AnnaBelle-21 AnnaBelle-20 AnnaBelle-18 AnnaBelle-16 AnnaBelle-15 AnnaBelle-11 AnnaBelle-9 AnnaBelle-7 AnnaBelle-5 AnnaBelle-4 AnnaBelle-3 AnnaBelle-11 AnnaBelle-9 AnnaBelle-7 AnnaBelle-5 Anna Belle