Alexa Adams Williams | Bridals

Now that Alexa and Taylor are married we can share her bridals!!! I know I say this 24/7 but I love these!! I truly think these are some of our best work. Alexa was so laid back during her bridals and that made it super easy to work with her. Her and Taylor were married on November 8th at the Castle on Stagecoach and everything about their day was PERFECT! We love love love YOU, Alexa! So glad that UCA and Alpha Tau brought you into my life.


Alexa Bridals alexa_bridals-107 alexa_bridals-105 alexa_bridals-104 alexa_bridals-102 alexa_bridals-92 alexa_bridals-86 alexa_bridals-89 alexa_bridals-60 alexa_bridals-59 alexa_bridals-58 alexa_bridals-51 alexa_bridals-57 alexa_bridals-42 alexa_bridals-39 alexa_bridals-36 alexa_bridals-38 alexa_bridals-32 alexa_bridals-35 alexa_bridals-31 alexa_bridals-25 alexa_bridals-29 alexa_bridals-21 alexa_bridals-18 alexa_bridals-15 alexa_bridals-11 alexa_bridals-9 alexa_bridals-5 alexa_bridals-6 alexa_bridals-2

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