Amanda & Kirk | Little Rock Engagements

Amanda and Kirk are adorable, right?! They’re both so sweet and I had a great time hanging out with them during this session. Even though it was a little humid, they completely rocked this session! Can’t wait until their wedding at Garvan Gardens later this year.

LR-47 LR-46 LR-45 LR-44 LR-43 LR-42 LR-41 LR-40 LR-39 LR-38 LR-37 LR-36 LR-35 LR-34 LR-33 LR-32 LR-31 LR-30 LR-29 LR-28 LR-27 LR-26 LR-25 LR-24 LR-23 LR-22 LR-21 LR-20 LR-19 LR-18 LR-17 LR-16 LR-15 LR-14 LR-13 LR-12 LR-11 LR-10 LR-9 LR-8 LR-7 LR-6 LR-5 LR-4 LR-3 LR-2LR


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