Shelby Rodery Edmondson | Little Rock Bridals

 Shelby and Payton tied the knot this past Saturday and I am thrilled to share Shelby’s bridals! I shot these at Alda’s Magnolia Hill in Little Rock, where they spend their big day. Shelby is beautiful and just as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside! I loved playing such a big role in her day.

It made me so happy when she said  “I am so glad it is you, my friend, that get to spend my whole day with me as my photographer.” That just touched my heart, because she wasn’t just saying it – I could tell she really meant it. It was amazing witnessing those special moments with such a dear friend.

We love photographing our friends. We of course love our clients that we didn’t know before as well, that become friends! But it is an amazing feeling booking your friends! Love you Shelbs! (And you too Payton!)

Wedding photos coming soon!



Shelby-2 Shelby-32 Shelby-31 Shelby-30 Shelby-29 Shelby-28 Shelby-27 Shelby-26 Shelby-25 Shelby-24 Shelby-23 Shelby-22 Shelby-21 Shelby-20 Shelby-19 Shelby-18 Shelby-17 Shelby-16 Shelby-15 Shelby-14 Shelby-13 Shelby-12 Shelby-11 Shelby-10 Shelby-9 Shelby-8 Shelby-7 Shelby-6 Shelby-5 Shelby-4 Shelby-3 Shelby Shelby-38 Shelby-37 Shelby-36 Shelby-35 Shelby-33 Shelby-34 Shelby-39

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