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Sarah & James | Dickey-Stephens Park Engagement

Sarah and James had the idea to use Dickey-Stephens Park for their photos since James is a coach & huge baseball fan! We of course loved the idea! We also used one of our favorite Little Rock walking bridges in downtown LR. It’s always fun photographing¬†friends! I have known Sarah since 2011 when I began managing the Maumelle location of Advanced SunSystems, where she worked! We can’t wait to shoot her bridals and their wedding! Enjoy this gorgeous couple!

SarahJames(i) SarahJames(i)-4 SarahJames(i)-6 SarahJames(i)-7 SarahJames(i)-12 SarahJames(i)-15 SarahJames(i)-17 SarahJames(i)-19 SarahJames(i)-22 SarahJames(i)-24 SarahJames(i)-29 SarahJames(i)-30 SarahJames(i)-33 SarahJames(i)-37 SarahJames(i)-39 SarahJames(i)-45 SarahJames(i)-47 SarahJames(i)-59 SarahJames(i)-61 SarahJames(i)-65 SarahJames(i)-69 SarahJames(i)-71 SarahJames(i)-76 SarahJames(i)-77 SarahJames(i)-78 SarahJames(i)-79 SarahJames(i)-82 SarahJames(i)-84 SarahJames(i)-87 SarahJames(i)-90 SarahJames(i)-94 SarahJames(i)-97 SarahJames(i)-99 SarahJames(i)-102 SarahJames(i)-104 SarahJames(i)-106

Cody + Ashliegh | Conway Proposal

This was our second proposal to shoot and we couldn’t have asked for better weather, a more perfect location or a sweeter couple. We are thrilled to shoot their wedding in February! Cody had everything planned out perfectly. We all anxiously awaited for Ashleigh to a arrive at the Painted Table (formerly Michaelangelos) in Conway. Everything about the moment was magical & 30 minutes later after they had dinner with one another, Cody had another surprise for Ashleigh, some of their family and friends were there to celebrate–hidden and tucked away! He even hand made the “Marry Me” sign!! Ashleigh, girl you picked a good one! ūüėČ

Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-2 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-3 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-4 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-5 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-6 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-7 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-8 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-9 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-10 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-11 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-12 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-13 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-14 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-15 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-16 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-17 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-18 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-19 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-20 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-21 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-22 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-23 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-24 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-25 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-26 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-27 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-28 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-29 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-30 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-31 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-32 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-33 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-34 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-35 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-36 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-37 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-38 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-39 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-40 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-41 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-42 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-43 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-44 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-45 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-46 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-47 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-48 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-49 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-50 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-51 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-52 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-53 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-54 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-55 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-56 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-57 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-58 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-59 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-60 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-61 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-62 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-63 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-64 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-65 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-66 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-67 Cody&Ashliegh_Proposal-68

Kimberly | Little Rock Bridal Portraits

We are so excited to share these bridals! Kim and Alex got married in June but we took these a few weeks ago because Kim was too busy to take them before their big day. We got rained out from our original location & decided to take them at the State Capitol in Little Rock. We even got some sunshine & were able to take some outside toward the end! We also tried some new things during this session with lighting!


KimBridals-2 KimBridals-3 KimBridals-4 KimBridals KimBridals-5 KimBridals-6 KimBridals-7 KimBridals-8 KimBridals-9 KimBridals-10 KimBridals-11 KimBridals-12 KimBridals-13 KimBridals-14 KimBridals-15 KimBridals-16 KimBridals-17 KimBridals-18 KimBridals-19 KimBridals-20 KimBridals-21 KimBridals-22 KimBridals-23 KimBridals-24 KimBridals-25 KimBridals-26 KimBridals-27 KimBridals-28 KimBridals-29 KimBridals-30

Alpha Sigma Tau | Fall Recruitment 2014

Yesterday UCA finished up Panhellenic Sorority recruitment. We were asked to do recruitment videos for Sigma Kappa and Alpha Sigma Tau. We were of course honored and excited! I know how life changing being a part of a sisterhood can be and feel so thrilled for every woman who accepted a bid to UCA’s chapters! We got to take all of Alpha Tau’s rush photos this year and have been dying to share them with you all! These girls are beautiful inside and out. I have had the privilege of becoming an advisor for AST in the past year and can’t describe the blessing that has been. These girls will forever hold a place in my heart & my fellow advising team is AMAZING! We hope you enjoy these beauties!

Much love! -Callie

If you would like to purchase prints please visit our print gallery via the link below.

AlphaSigmaTau14-2 AlphaSigmaTau14-3 AlphaSigmaTau14-4 AlphaSigmaTau14-5 AlphaSigmaTau14-6 AlphaSigmaTau14-7 AlphaSigmaTau14-8 AlphaSigmaTau14-9 AlphaSigmaTau14-10 AlphaSigmaTau14-11 AlphaSigmaTau14-12 AlphaSigmaTau14-13 AlphaSigmaTau14-14 AlphaSigmaTau14-15 AlphaSigmaTau14-16 AlphaSigmaTau14-17 AlphaSigmaTau14-18 AlphaSigmaTau14-19 AlphaSigmaTau14-20 AlphaSigmaTau14-21 AlphaSigmaTau14-22 AlphaSigmaTau14-23 AlphaSigmaTau14-24 AlphaSigmaTau14-25 AlphaSigmaTau14-26 AlphaSigmaTau14-27 AlphaSigmaTau14-28 AlphaSigmaTau14-29 AlphaSigmaTau14-30 AlphaSigmaTau14-31 AlphaSigmaTau14-32 AlphaSigmaTau14-33 AlphaSigmaTau14-34 AlphaSigmaTau14-35 AlphaSigmaTau14-36 AlphaSigmaTau14-37 AlphaSigmaTau14-38 AlphaSigmaTau14-39 AlphaSigmaTau14-40 AlphaSigmaTau14-41 AlphaSigmaTau14-42 AlphaSigmaTau14-43 AlphaSigmaTau14-44 AlphaSigmaTau14-45 AlphaSigmaTau14-46 AlphaSigmaTau14-47 AlphaSigmaTau14-48 AlphaSigmaTau14-49 AlphaSigmaTau14

Kimberly Phipps | 501 Life Photoshoot

Kim is top 1 the coolest woman I know! Her fianc√©, Chris is one lucky guy. We can’t wait to shoot their engagements and wedding next May! When I knew that 501 Life Magazine (a publication that I am a contributor for) was doing a “wheels” edition for the month of September, I knew I had to suggest Kim to the owner! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way the photos turned out. Taken right in the heart of North Little Rock, this little path was the perfect place! We tried some fun lighting for this one. We hope we captured Kim’s fun, daring personality!

Love her so much!


All the black and white photos were shot on film (Ilford Delta 400)!! We love film!

kimphipps-2 kimphipps-3 kimphipps kimphipps-4 kimphipps-5 kimphipps-6 kimphipps-7 kimphipps-8 kimphipps-9 kimphipps-10 kimphipps-11 kimphipps-12 kimphipps-13 kimphipps-14 kimphipps-15

Ashley & Tripp | Little Rock Engagement

Ashley and Tripp were the winners of an Instagram contest we drew for a few months back! We could not have drew a sweeter couple from our bucket. These were taken at Alda’s Magnolia Hill in Little Rock off Stagecoach, which is one of our favorite wedding venues! Miss Alda is the sweetest! We hoped to capture their southern fairytale in their engagement photos. We hope these two have an amazing wedding in Louisiana!


tripp&Ashley-30 tripp&Ashley-29 tripp&Ashley-28 tripp&Ashley-27 tripp&Ashley-26 tripp&Ashley-25 tripp&Ashley-24 tripp&Ashley-23 tripp&Ashley-22 tripp&Ashley-21 tripp&Ashley-20 tripp&Ashley-19 tripp&Ashley-18 tripp&Ashley-17 tripp&Ashley-16 tripp&Ashley-15 tripp&Ashley-14 tripp&Ashley-13 tripp&Ashley-12 tripp&Ashley-11 tripp&Ashley-10 tripp&Ashley-9 tripp&Ashley-8 tripp&Ashley-7 tripp&Ashley-6 tripp&Ashley-5 tripp&Ashley-4 tripp&Ashley-3 tripp&Ashley-2 tripp&Ashley

Emily & Jordan | Lonoke Engagement

We are so happy to work with Emily again! We did her senior pictures from UCA earlier this year and now she is ENGAGED! Jordan is quite the catch & we are so happy to share their sweet country themed session! We took these in Lonoke at her family’s home. We love the classic feel to these photos! You two are precious and we cannot wait to shoot your wedding next year!


Emily&Jordan Emily&Jordan-2 Emily&Jordan-3 Emily&Jordan-4 Emily&Jordan-5 Emily&Jordan-6 Emily&Jordan-7 Emily&Jordan-8 Emily&Jordan-9 Emily&Jordan-10 Emily&Jordan-11 Emily&Jordan-12 Emily&Jordan-13 Emily&Jordan-14 Emily&Jordan-15 Emily&Jordan-16 Emily&Jordan-17 Emily&Jordan-18 Emily&Jordan-19 Emily&Jordan-20 Emily&Jordan-21 Emily&Jordan-22 Emily&Jordan-23 Emily&Jordan-24 Emily&Jordan-25 Emily&Jordan-26 Emily&Jordan-27 Emily&Jordan-28 Emily&Jordan-29 Emily&Jordan-30 Emily&Jordan-31 Emily&Jordan-33 Emily&Jordan-34 Emily&Jordan-35 Emily&Jordan-36 Emily&Jordan-37 Emily&Jordan-38

Matthew & Torie | Little Rock Engagement

Have we mentioned that we love shooting fellow UCA Bears? Especially ones that are friends of our friends! These two were referred to us by some very dear friends of ours, Erica and Chase Watson. Torie caught the bouquet last June at “Cherica’s” wedding & little did we know that we would shoot their wedding in May 2015! We had such a good time with you two in Little Rock & we can not wait to spend your wedding day capturing your love story!

Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-7 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-11 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-12 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-16 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-17 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-22 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-23 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-26 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-28 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-33 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-41 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-42 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-45 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-47 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-49 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-52 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-54 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-57 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-66 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-67 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-69 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-72 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-77 Matthew_Torie_Engagement(i)-81

North Little Rock Football 2014

North Little Rock High School Football 2014. Last year I talked to Coach Bolding about doing preseason photos and video for the team. Everything turned out so well last year that we decided to do this every year! That hard part is coming up with new ideas for the shoots!! On the night of the shoot, or course, it was raining. We were supposed to begin at 9pm. That did not happen. We all waited out the rain and began setting up around 10:30. The shoot lasted until 1am! I am very happy we waited out storm and got this shoot in! Big thanks to Coach Bolding for organizing all this and buying pizza for the players and myself!!

Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!


NLRfootball14-2 NLRfootball14-3 NLRfootball14-4 NLRfootball14-5 NLRfootball14-6 NLRfootball14-7 NLRfootball14-8 NLRfootball14-9 NLRfootball14-10 NLRfootball14-11 NLRfootball14-12 NLRfootball14-13 NLRfootball14-14 NLRfootball14-15 NLRfootball14-16 NLRfootball14-17 NLRfootball14-18 NLRfootball14-19 NLRfootball14-20 NLRfootball14-21 NLRfootball14-22 NLRfootball14-23 NLRfootball14-24 NLRfootball14-25 NLRfootball14-26 NLRfootball14-27 NLRfootball14-28 NLRfootball14

Easton 2nd Birthday | Pizan Family

Blake & Katie, you two have such an adorable little boy! Easton is so precious! He¬†was so cute carrying around his teddy bear during the shoot! I met Blake through North Little Rock football, where he is a coach. As many of you know, I cover all the football games for NLR. I was so excited when Blake asked me to take Easton’s photos last year and I am even more excited that he and Katie asked me to take his two year old photos!!

I hope y’all enjoy!

Jaison Pizan Family-2 Pizan Family Pizan Family-3 Pizan Family-4 Pizan Family-5 Pizan Family-6 Pizan Family-7 Pizan Family-8 Pizan Family-9 Pizan Family-10 Pizan Family-11 Pizan Family-12 Pizan Family-13 Pizan Family-14 Pizan Family-15 Pizan Family-16 Pizan Family-17 Pizan Family-18 Pizan Family-19 Pizan Family-20 Pizan Family-21 Pizan Family-22 Pizan Family-23 Pizan Family-24 Pizan Family-25 Pizan Family-26 Pizan Family-27 Pizan Family-28 Pizan Family-29 Pizan Family-30 Pizan Family-31 Pizan Family-32 Pizan Family-33 Pizan Family-34 Pizan Family-35 Pizan Family-36 Pizan Family-37 Pizan Family-38 Pizan Family-39 Pizan Family-40 Pizan Family-41 Pizan Family-42 Pizan Family-43 Pizan Family-44 Pizan Family-45 Pizan Family-46 Pizan Family-47

Bell Family Photos 2014

I was really excited to get the opportunity to take my cousin’s family photos! Randy & Kristi are some of the nicest people you could ever meet and their children, Brynne & Brett, are some of the sweetest and most enjoyable kids I have been around. I loved getting to take these photos out behind my grandparents¬†old¬†house. Brings back a lot of memories!

Enjoy the photos from this awesome family of four, plus Tootsie!


BellFamily(i) BellFamily(i)-59 BellFamily(i)-58 BellFamily(i)-56 BellFamily(i)-53 BellFamily(i)-52 BellFamily(i)-49 BellFamily(i)-46 BellFamily(i)-44 BellFamily(i)-39 BellFamily(i)-37 BellFamily(i)-35 BellFamily(i)-33 BellFamily(i)-28 BellFamily(i)-24 BellFamily(i)-22 BellFamily(i)-18 BellFamily(i)-16 BellFamily(i)-13 BellFamily(i)-10 BellFamily(i)-9 BellFamily(i)-3

Ryan & Tiffanee | Little Rock Wedding

We first met Tiffanee and Ryan in Panama City during spring Break a few years back. We became even closer when I was on SOS (Student Orientation Staff) at UCA with Tiff. She is so lively & so much fun! Btw- I am loving shooting my SOS friends lately! If you missed Josh and Kayla’s session you are missing out. But back to Tiff and Ryan… Their wedding at Loft 1023 in Little Rock was so much fun! We loved getting to spend the day with you guys & love you both to pieces!

Congrats to the Millers! #millerinmay

Tiffanee&Ryan-2 Tiffanee&Ryan-6 Tiffanee&Ryan-7 Tiffanee&Ryan-8 Tiffanee&Ryan-9 Tiffanee&Ryan-10 Tiffanee&Ryan-12 Tiffanee&Ryan-13 Tiffanee&Ryan-17 Tiffanee&Ryan-18 Tiffanee&Ryan-19 Tiffanee&Ryan-24 Tiffanee&Ryan-25 Tiffanee&Ryan-26 Tiffanee&Ryan-27 Tiffanee&Ryan-31 Tiffanee&Ryan-33 Tiffanee&Ryan-49 Tiffanee&Ryan-54 Tiffanee&Ryan-57 Tiffanee&Ryan-58 Tiffanee&Ryan-63 Tiffanee&Ryan-67 Tiffanee&Ryan-72 Tiffanee&Ryan-80 Tiffanee&Ryan-83 Tiffanee&Ryan-85 Tiffanee&Ryan-86 Tiffanee&Ryan-87 Tiffanee&Ryan-88 Tiffanee&Ryan-89 Tiffanee&Ryan-90 Tiffanee&Ryan-91 Tiffanee&Ryan-93 Tiffanee&Ryan-94 Tiffanee&Ryan-95 Tiffanee&Ryan-96 Tiffanee&Ryan-97 Tiffanee&Ryan-99 Tiffanee&Ryan-101 Tiffanee&Ryan-102 Tiffanee&Ryan-104 Tiffanee&Ryan-105 Tiffanee&Ryan-106 Tiffanee&Ryan-110 Tiffanee&Ryan-111 Tiffanee&Ryan-114 Tiffanee&Ryan-115 Tiffanee&Ryan-117 Tiffanee&Ryan-118 Tiffanee&Ryan-119 Tiffanee&Ryan-120 Tiffanee&Ryan-123 Tiffanee&Ryan-126 Tiffanee&Ryan-127 Tiffanee&Ryan-128 Tiffanee&Ryan-129 Tiffanee&Ryan-130 Tiffanee&Ryan-131 Tiffanee&Ryan-132 Tiffanee&Ryan-138 Tiffanee&Ryan-139 Tiffanee&Ryan-141 Tiffanee&Ryan-142 Tiffanee&Ryan-143 Tiffanee&Ryan-144 Tiffanee&Ryan-146 Tiffanee&Ryan-147 Tiffanee&Ryan-148 Tiffanee&Ryan-150 Tiffanee&Ryan-151 Tiffanee&Ryan-153 Tiffanee&Ryan-154 Tiffanee&Ryan-156 Tiffanee&Ryan-159 Tiffanee&Ryan-161 Tiffanee&Ryan-164 Tiffanee&Ryan-173 Tiffanee&Ryan-178 Tiffanee&Ryan-181 Tiffanee&Ryan-183 Tiffanee&Ryan-186 Tiffanee&Ryan-190 Tiffanee&Ryan-203 Tiffanee&Ryan-204 Tiffanee&Ryan-206 Tiffanee&Ryan-208 Tiffanee&Ryan-209 Tiffanee&Ryan-211 Tiffanee&Ryan-212 Tiffanee&Ryan-216 Tiffanee&Ryan-217 Tiffanee&Ryan-218 Tiffanee&Ryan-220 Tiffanee&Ryan-221 Tiffanee&Ryan-223 Tiffanee&Ryan-224 Tiffanee&Ryan-225 Tiffanee&Ryan-227 Tiffanee&Ryan-228 Tiffanee&Ryan-230 Tiffanee&Ryan-233 Tiffanee&Ryan-234 Tiffanee&Ryan-235 Tiffanee&Ryan-236 Tiffanee&Ryan-237 Tiffanee&Ryan-238 Tiffanee&Ryan-240 Tiffanee&Ryan-242 Tiffanee&Ryan-243 Tiffanee&Ryan-245 Tiffanee&Ryan-246 Tiffanee&Ryan-247 Tiffanee&Ryan-248 Tiffanee&Ryan-249 Tiffanee&Ryan-250 Tiffanee&Ryan-252 Tiffanee&Ryan-253 Tiffanee&Ryan-256 Tiffanee&Ryan-257 Tiffanee&Ryan-259 Tiffanee&Ryan-260 Tiffanee&Ryan-261 Tiffanee&Ryan-263 Tiffanee&Ryan-265 Tiffanee&Ryan-266 Tiffanee&Ryan-270 Tiffanee&Ryan-272 Tiffanee&Ryan-273 Tiffanee&Ryan-276 Tiffanee&Ryan-277 Tiffanee&Ryan-279 Tiffanee&Ryan-281 Tiffanee&Ryan-282 Tiffanee&Ryan-283 Tiffanee&Ryan-285 Tiffanee&Ryan-289 Tiffanee&Ryan-292 Tiffanee&Ryan-293 Tiffanee&Ryan-294 Tiffanee&Ryan-295 Tiffanee&Ryan-307 Tiffanee&Ryan-309 Tiffanee&Ryan-321 Tiffanee&Ryan-322 Tiffanee&Ryan-350 Tiffanee&Ryan-370 Tiffanee&Ryan-375 Tiffanee&Ryan-377 Tiffanee&Ryan-380 Tiffanee&Ryan-383 Tiffanee&Ryan-384 Tiffanee&Ryan-385 Tiffanee&Ryan-388 Tiffanee&Ryan-395 Tiffanee&Ryan-396 Tiffanee&Ryan-397 Tiffanee&Ryan-401 Tiffanee&Ryan-402 Tiffanee&Ryan-404 Tiffanee&Ryan-406 Tiffanee&Ryan-409 Tiffanee&Ryan-412 Tiffanee&Ryan-413 Tiffanee&Ryan-414 Tiffanee&Ryan-415 Tiffanee&Ryan-417 Tiffanee&Ryan-418 Tiffanee&Ryan-420 Tiffanee&Ryan-421 Tiffanee&Ryan-422 Tiffanee&Ryan-423 Tiffanee&Ryan-424 Tiffanee&Ryan-426 Tiffanee&Ryan-430 Tiffanee&Ryan-431 Tiffanee&Ryan-432 Tiffanee&Ryan-433 Tiffanee&Ryan-436 Tiffanee&Ryan-477 Tiffanee&Ryan-480 Tiffanee&Ryan-485 Tiffanee&Ryan-492 Tiffanee&Ryan-494 Tiffanee&Ryan-495 Tiffanee&Ryan-497 Tiffanee&Ryan-502 Tiffanee&Ryan-504 Tiffanee&Ryan-505 Tiffanee&Ryan-509 Tiffanee&Ryan-512 Tiffanee&Ryan-522 Tiffanee&Ryan-524 Tiffanee&Ryan-528 Tiffanee&Ryan-531 Tiffanee&Ryan-539 Tiffanee&Ryan-541 Tiffanee&Ryan-543 Tiffanee&Ryan-544 Tiffanee&Ryan-545 Tiffanee&Ryan-547 Tiffanee&Ryan-554 Tiffanee&Ryan-557 Tiffanee&Ryan-580 Tiffanee&Ryan-585 Tiffanee&Ryan-590 Tiffanee&Ryan-619 Tiffanee&Ryan-623 Tiffanee&Ryan-624 Tiffanee&Ryan-627 Tiffanee&Ryan-633 Tiffanee&Ryan-635 Tiffanee&Ryan-638 Tiffanee&Ryan-639 Tiffanee&Ryan-652 Tiffanee&Ryan-653 Tiffanee&Ryan-659 Tiffanee&Ryan-660 Tiffanee&Ryan-662 Tiffanee&Ryan-663 Tiffanee&Ryan-666 Tiffanee&Ryan-667 Tiffanee&Ryan-668 Tiffanee&Ryan-671 Tiffanee&Ryan-672