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Price & Sterling Family Portraits

I always love when I get to take photos of my little cousins! They are the sweetest little boys! We made a little drive to conway for this session were very surprised that the boys were not matching this time! Usually, Cindy has them matching head to toe! It was great getting seeing my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins!


Jaison & Callie

CindyAidenAshton-2 CindyAidenAshton-3 CindyAidenAshton-5 CindyAidenAshton-6 CindyAidenAshton-7 CindyAidenAshton-9 CindyAidenAshton-10 CindyAidenAshton-13 CindyAidenAshton-14 CindyAidenAshton-16 CindyAidenAshton-18 CindyAidenAshton-19 CindyAidenAshton-20 CindyAidenAshton-24 CindyAidenAshton-26 CindyAidenAshton-29 CindyAidenAshton-31 CindyAidenAshton-33 CindyAidenAshton-36 CindyAidenAshton-39 CindyAidenAshton-40 CindyAidenAshton-43 CindyAidenAshton-44 CindyAidenAshton-45 CindyAidenAshton-46 CindyAidenAshton-47 CindyAidenAshton-49 CindyAidenAshton-51 CindyAidenAshton-52 CindyAidenAshton-54 CindyAidenAshton-55 CindyAidenAshton-59 CindyAidenAshton-61 CindyAidenAshton-62 CindyAidenAshton-63 CindyAidenAshton-66 CindyAidenAshton-68

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