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Levi Glenn Perkins | 1 Year Old Photos

Levi Glenn Perkins is too cool and too cute! (Probably because he has some pretty cute and cool parents.) I seriously LOVE this little guy. We have loved documenting his parent’s wedding, mom’s pregnancy, 6 months photos and now his 1 year photos! (And his mom’s real estate headshots). I sincerely am looking forward to capturing Levi’s big life moments for years to come! Love you little guy!

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Leeson Wedding | Little Rock

Kasey and Brent are married at last! These two have the cutest little family. I am in love with Braylon’s sweet faces he made throughout the day (soon cute). Remind’s me of Will Smith’s little boy in the Pursuit of Happiness. I have known Kasey since middle school and it is so rewarding to photograph friend’s weddings. I loved seeing so many faces from high school & even middle school. It was one of the happiest days of their lives and I was honored to capture it for them. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos from their day as much as we enjoyed taking them. Cutest kid award goes to Braylon! 😉

Lots of love!


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The Wood Family | Little Rock Mini Session

I am thankful that I met Catherine through the UCA Young Alumni Association Board! Her little family is so so cute aren’t they?! Little Natalie smiled like a champ, even though I was certain we would be blown away by the crazy wind! There is only one word to describe this session, PRECIOUS! It was so hard to choose my favorites for this blog post, Natalie looked so sweet in all of them! Enjoy!

p.s. It is just a bonus that Catherine is one of my sorority sisters and I didn’t even know it until recently. I love that Alpha Tau is something I can share with so many incredible women! Feeling blessed!

Lots of love,

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Tony, Amy & Abi | Little Rock Family Session

I met Amy several years ago while working at the salon and I am so thankful that God placed her in my life. She has been such a mentor and friend to me inside and outside of work! We love taking their family photos and this year Abi had the prettiest dress! Abi has grown so much since she was the flower girl in our wedding a year and a half ago, it is amazing how time flies! She gets prettier and prettier with age. I enjoyed dropping off their photos at their house tonight and playing school with Abi, she is a hoot! And they even brought Allie, their sweet pup!

Enjoy this fall/holiday session! It is a cute one!


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Kasey + Brent | Sherwood, AR Engagement

Kasey and I met many years ago when I was in middle school and she was just starting high school. It is amazing to see where she is today with her sweet family. I am so thankful when old friends look to us for their wedding photography needs! It is such an amazing feeling! Braylon, their son played big role in their engagement pictures too. I was so glad that they included him! If he wasn’t having his picture made, he was making us laugh and providing comic relief. These two will tie the knot at LOFT 1023 on New Year’s Eve! We cannot wait to shoot this wintery wedding!

K Kasey+Brent(b)-3 Kasey+Brent(b)-4 Kasey+Brent(b)-5 Kasey+Brent(b)-6 Kasey+Brent(b)-7 Kasey+Brent(b)-8 Kasey+Brent(b)-9 Kasey+Brent(b)-10 Kasey+Brent(b)-11 Kasey+Brent(b)-12 Kasey+Brent(b)-13 Kasey+Brent(b)-14 Kasey+Brent(b)-15 Kasey+Brent(b)-16 Kasey+Brent(b)-17 Kasey+Brent(b)-18 Kasey+Brent(b)-19 Kasey+Brent(b)-20 Kasey+Brent(b)-21 Kasey+Brent(b)-22 Kasey+Brent(b)-23 Kasey+Brent(b)-24 Kasey+Brent(b)-25 Kasey+Brent(b)-26 Kasey+Brent(b)-27 Kasey+Brent(b)-28 Kasey+Brent(b)-29 Kasey+Brent(b)-30 Kasey+Brent(b)-31 Kasey+Brent(b)-32 Kasey+Brent(b)-33 Kasey+Brent(b)-34 Kasey+Brent(b)-35 Kasey+Brent(b)-36 Kasey+Brent(b)-37 Kasey+Brent(b)-38 Kasey+Brent(b)-39 Kasey+Brent(b)-40 Kasey+Brent(b)-41 Kasey+Brent(b)

The Fowlers | Conway Family

The Fowlers are the cutest bunch ever! This session was extra special because Haley is a dear friend of mine and fellow Alpha Tau advisor. I was so excited when she asked me to take their family photos/Campbell’s one year photos. I think Crafton, Campbell’s big brother, enjoyed the session the most. He was a little ham the ENTIRE shoot! It was hilariously precious. Even the one’s of Campbell crying are adorable. Crafton has the key to Campbell’s heart and knew exactly how to put a smile back on her face when she was upset.You will see a couple of the action shots in this post where Crafton is making her laugh. They were the sweetest big brother/little sister pair I have ever seen! I have lots of love for this family!

-Callie Fowler Family Photos-63 Fowler Family Photos-64 Fowler Family Photos-59 Fowler Family Photos-60 Fowler Family Photos-61 Fowler Family Photos-62 Fowler Family Photos-54 Fowler Family Photos-55 Fowler Family Photos-56 Fowler Family Photos-57 Fowler Family Photos-58 Fowler Family Photos-50 Fowler Family Photos-51 Fowler Family Photos-52 Fowler Family Photos-53 Fowler Family Photos-47 Fowler Family Photos-48 Fowler Family Photos-49 Fowler Family Photos-44 Fowler Family Photos-45 Fowler Family Photos-46 Fowler Family Photos-41 Fowler Family Photos-42 Fowler Family Photos-43 Fowler Family Photos-39 Fowler Family Photos-40 Fowler Family Photos-36 Fowler Family Photos-37 Fowler Family Photos-38 Fowler Family Photos-32 Fowler Family Photos-33 Fowler Family Photos-34 Fowler Family Photos-35 Fowler Family Photos-27 Fowler Family Photos-28 Fowler Family Photos-29 Fowler Family Photos-30 Fowler Family Photos-31 Fowler Family Photos-23 Fowler Family Photos-24 Fowler Family Photos-25 Fowler Family Photos-26 Fowler Family Photos-20 Fowler Family Photos-21 Fowler Family Photos-22 Fowler Family Photos-17 Fowler Family Photos-18 Fowler Family Photos-19 Fowler Family Photos-14 Fowler Family Photos-15 Fowler Family Photos-16 Fowler Family Photos-10 Fowler Family Photos-11 Fowler Family Photos-12 Fowler Family Photos-13 Fowler Family Photos-7 Fowler Family Photos-8 Fowler Family Photos-9 Fowler Family Photos-4 Fowler Family Photos-5 Fowler Family Photos-6 Fowler Family Photos-2 Fowler Family Photos-3 Fowler Family Photos

Jenna & James Dean | Little Rock Wedding

Jenna and James are the coolest couple ever! Seriously, they are both nurses, which I love that they both share the same profession. As husband and wife photographers, Jaison and I can totally relate to having the same profession as our spouse. It is an amazing experience and a special thing to share! They also are going to appear on the television show ‘Tiny House Nation’ early next year. It was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen, there was a TV crew filming that their wedding!! Since they’re going to be on that show, that means they just built a “Tiny House,” if you don’t know what that means google the show and check it out. It is super neat! This couple’s love is so real and not to mention they are both GORGEOUS! We loved shooting this wedding at The Villa Marre in Little Rock! Congrats Jenna & James Dean! We love y’all!

-The Sterlings Jenna and James Jenna and James-3 Jenna and James-4 Jenna and James-5 Jenna and James-6 Jenna and James-7 Jenna and James-8 Jenna and James-9 Jenna and James-10 Jenna and James-11 Jenna and James-12 Jenna and James-13 Jenna and James-14 Jenna and James-15 Jenna and James-16 Jenna and James-17 Jenna and James-18 Jenna and James-19 Jenna and James-20 Jenna and James-21 Jenna and James-22 Jenna and James-23 Jenna and James-24 Jenna and James-25 Jenna and James-26 Jenna and James-27 Jenna and James-28 Jenna and James-29 Jenna and James-30 Jenna and James-31 Jenna and James-32 Jenna and James-33 Jenna and James-34 Jenna and James-35 Jenna and James-36 Jenna and James-37 Jenna and James-38 Jenna and James-39 Jenna and James-40 Jenna and James-41 Jenna and James-42 Jenna and James-43 Jenna and James-44 Jenna and James-45 Jenna and James-46 Jenna and James-47 Jenna and James-48 Jenna and James-49 Jenna and James-50 Jenna and James-51 Jenna and James-52 Jenna and James-53 Jenna and James-54 Jenna and James-55 Jenna and James-56 Jenna and James-57 Jenna and James-58 Jenna and James-59 Jenna and James-60 Jenna and James-61 Jenna and James-62 Jenna and James-63 Jenna and James-64 Jenna and James-65 Jenna and James-66 Jenna and James-67 Jenna and James-68 Jenna and James-69 Jenna and James-70 Jenna and James-71 Jenna and James-72 Jenna and James-73 Jenna and James-74 Jenna and James-75 Jenna and James-76 Jenna and James-77 Jenna and James

Casey, Crystal & Emma | Family Session

Crystal, Casey and Emma are AMAZING! It was so hard to choose my favorites for their blog post because they looked so happy in all of them! Crystal was my “big sis” on dance team in high school (in our North Pulaski Falcon days). I am so thankful that dance team brought us together and I am lucky to call her my friend. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years but it was like picking up right where we left off. Those are the best types of friendships! Meeting Emma was awesome too, isn’t she adorable?! I love the lighting during this session, it was right before sunset by the river.

Enjoy this lovely family session!
Family Session DSC_4484 DSC_4486 DSC_4492 DSC_4498 DSC_4499 DSC_4504 DSC_4505 DSC_4520 DSC_4521 DSC_4522 DSC_4523 DSC_4536 DSC_4548 DSC_4555 DSC_4564 DSC_4581 DSC_4595 DSC_4607 DSC_4615 DSC_4632 DSC_4688 DSC_4715 SIW_1448 SIW_1451 SIW_1454 SIW_1462 SIW_1467 SIW_1473 SIW_1477 SIW_1493 SIW_1499 SIW_1501 SIW_1505 SIW_1506 SIW_1510 SIW_1519 SIW_1526 SIW_1540 SIW_1553 SIW_1554 SIW_1576 SIW_1582