Easton 2nd Birthday | Pizan Family

Blake & Katie, you two have such an adorable little boy! Easton is so precious! He was so cute carrying around his teddy bear during the shoot! I met Blake through North Little Rock football, where he is a coach. As many of you know, I cover all the football games for NLR. I was so excited when Blake asked me to take Easton’s photos last year and I am even more excited that he and Katie asked me to take his two year old photos!!

I hope y’all enjoy!

Jaison Pizan Family-2 Pizan Family Pizan Family-3 Pizan Family-4 Pizan Family-5 Pizan Family-6 Pizan Family-7 Pizan Family-8 Pizan Family-9 Pizan Family-10 Pizan Family-11 Pizan Family-12 Pizan Family-13 Pizan Family-14 Pizan Family-15 Pizan Family-16 Pizan Family-17 Pizan Family-18 Pizan Family-19 Pizan Family-20 Pizan Family-21 Pizan Family-22 Pizan Family-23 Pizan Family-24 Pizan Family-25 Pizan Family-26 Pizan Family-27 Pizan Family-28 Pizan Family-29 Pizan Family-30 Pizan Family-31 Pizan Family-32 Pizan Family-33 Pizan Family-34 Pizan Family-35 Pizan Family-36 Pizan Family-37 Pizan Family-38 Pizan Family-39 Pizan Family-40 Pizan Family-41 Pizan Family-42 Pizan Family-43 Pizan Family-44 Pizan Family-45 Pizan Family-46 Pizan Family-47

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