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Vandiver & Watson Family | Little Rock Family Session

We love photographing the Watsons and Vandivers! We did Erica and Chase’s weddings a year and a half ago and since then we have done two more shoots! We love how much Goose, (their dog) has grown since our last session a year ago! This year’s session was much much warmer than last! Tim & Lesa, we love y’all too, of course! Little Lucy is as cute as ever!

Enjoy our sweet friends! Looking forward to many more years of family photos with y’all!

p.s. we included some fun ones in there for y’all too!

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Healey/Schott Family | Little Rock Session

This family session has been in the works for several months! Virgeen and I have been talking about how we could convince her boys to take some photos and I am SO glad she finally won them over! They were all so much fun to hang out with the Saturday after Thanksgiving! They have a little bit of a rivalry going in their family between the Hogs and Mizzou as you will see in the photos! It poured a little salt in the wound to take these photos the day after we lost to Mizzou (just kidding, it was all in good fun!) I am so thankful we got to do this session! I hope her boys aren’t too mad at me for posting the sweet photo of them kissing their mom, it was just too sweet not to share!



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The Henry Family | Conway, AR


Oh my gosh! This family is SOOO stinking’ cute! I can’t even contain it! Ha! I shot this sweet family session at Hendrix last week and it was so amazing! The weather at first glance was super nasty and felt like it could rain at any minute but it ended up being perfect for lighting. There were no bad shadows and no harsh light in anyone’s face. I did a mixture of a Christmas family session + Anna Kate’s 6 months photos! I finally got to use my cute cupcake and lollypop props! Enjoy this precious session!

p.s. – Little Cooper, thank you for being my assistant for the day and telling your mom how to stand/pose! He was the biggest help I could’ve ever asked for (and such a cutie!) Check out his funny faces, we had fun!


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Dalton | North Little Rock Senior

Dalton’s mom contacted us back a few months ago and we had to reschedule once or twice due to rain. We FINALLY got to take his photos on Black Friday! We love that his bow was incorporated in these shots! Those you could tell he was in his element and they really let his personality shine through! We hope you enjoy this NLRHS Senior! Go Wildcats!

-CallieDaltonSenior(HR)-57 DaltonSenior(HR)-53 DaltonSenior(HR)-47 DaltonSenior(HR)-50 DaltonSenior(HR)-45 DaltonSenior(HR)-41 DaltonSenior(HR)-44 DaltonSenior(HR)-36 DaltonSenior(HR)-32 DaltonSenior(HR)-29 DaltonSenior(HR)-28 DaltonSenior(HR)-26 DaltonSenior(HR)-23 DaltonSenior(HR)-24 DaltonSenior(HR)-22 DaltonSenior(HR)-16 DaltonSenior(HR)-14 DaltonSenior(HR)-11 DaltonSenior(HR)-10 DaltonSenior(HR)-3 DaltonSenior(HR)-2

Preston | North Little Rock Senior

We met Preston when he helped us move from Conway to North Little Rock! We were SO thankful for his help! He is super friendly and we were thrilled to take his photos when he asked! Jay shot this session on his own while I was shooting another session and I really like the location choice that Preston had in mind! We hope y’all enjoy!

PrestonSenior-66 PrestonSenior-71 PrestonSenior-63 PrestonSenior-64 PrestonSenior-54 PrestonSenior-56 PrestonSenior-61 PrestonSenior-51 PrestonSenior-53 PrestonSenior-46 PrestonSenior-48 PrestonSenior-36 PrestonSenior-41 PrestonSenior-44 PrestonSenior-32 PrestonSenior-34 PrestonSenior-35 PrestonSenior-21 PrestonSenior-23 PrestonSenior-16 PrestonSenior-18 PrestonSenior-19 PrestonSenior-10 PrestonSenior-13 PrestonSenior-15 PrestonSenior-5 PrestonSenior-7 PrestonSenior-2 PrestonSenior-3

Sam + Kyla | Miss White River Pageant Winners

This was the best shoot! It was chilly, but when you’re photographing two literal BEAUTY queens, your photos are destined to be beautiful. Sam is one of my sweet sorority sisters and also the winner of Miss White River. Kyla, was the winner of the Miss White River Teen Pageant. I was thrilled when Sam asked me to do their fun Christmas shoot! These two were so fun and very easy to work with. These girls are truly the entire package! I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Lots of love,

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Shun | UCA Senior

Shun is one of the coolest people I know. Seriously. He is such a neat guy! He is friendly to everyone and SO involved on UCA’s campus! I am thankful I got to meet him through the Ambassador program and Student Orientation staff when I was a student at UCA. Shun you will go far, I can already tell! We are blessed to call you our friend.

Lots of love,


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Matt Brown | North Little Rock Senior

Matt is the younger brother of our dear friend Allie. When Allie called us about doing Matt’s senior pictures we were thrilled! Matt is a senior at NLR! Go Wildcats! (Jaison and I both graduated from NLRHS as well.) We shot these at a private gun club that Matt is a part of in North Little Rock. The location was beautiful with the river in the background, right before sunset. We hope you enjoy this unique session! You will be seeing more of Matt when we shoot part II of his senior session at the high school. As well as next October when we blog Allie’s wedding! We can not wait to hang out with you and your sister more! The Brown siblings are such sweet amazing people! Love these two!

-Callie MattBrownSenior MattBrownSenior-2 MattBrownSenior-3 MattBrownSenior-4 MattBrownSenior-5 MattBrownSenior-6 MattBrownSenior-7 MattBrownSenior-8 MattBrownSenior-9 MattBrownSenior-10 MattBrownSenior-11 MattBrownSenior-12 MattBrownSenior-13 MattBrownSenior-14 MattBrownSenior-15 MattBrownSenior-16 MattBrownSenior-17 MattBrownSenior-18 MattBrownSenior-19 MattBrownSenior-20 MattBrownSenior-21 MattBrownSenior-22 MattBrownSenior-23 MattBrownSenior-24 MattBrownSenior-25 MattBrownSenior-26 MattBrownSenior-27 MattBrownSenior-28 MattBrownSenior-29 MattBrownSenior-30

McKenzie Gosser | NLR High School Senior

McKenzie is back on the blog! This is the second time we have been able to shoot her pics and each time she amazes me.

This time we did her senior portraits and we could not be happier with this session.  She is so comfortable in her own skin & it shows! I don’t even have to position her in flattering poses, she just knows. She is a photographer’s dream!

We just love you, McKenzie!

We hope to work with you for many many years to come! xoxo


McKenzie Senior McKenzie Senior-86 McKenzie Senior-82 McKenzie Senior-83 McKenzie Senior-84 McKenzie Senior-79 McKenzie Senior-80 McKenzie Senior-81 McKenzie Senior-74 McKenzie Senior-75 McKenzie Senior-76 McKenzie Senior-77 McKenzie Senior-78 McKenzie Senior-71 McKenzie Senior-72 McKenzie Senior-73 McKenzie Senior-68 McKenzie Senior-69 McKenzie Senior-70 McKenzie Senior-64 McKenzie Senior-65 McKenzie Senior-66 McKenzie Senior-67 McKenzie Senior-60 McKenzie Senior-61 McKenzie Senior-62 McKenzie Senior-63 McKenzie Senior-57 McKenzie Senior-58 McKenzie Senior-59 McKenzie Senior-53 McKenzie Senior-54 McKenzie Senior-55 McKenzie Senior-56 McKenzie Senior-50 McKenzie Senior-51 McKenzie Senior-52 McKenzie Senior-46 McKenzie Senior-47 McKenzie Senior-48 McKenzie Senior-49 McKenzie Senior-43 McKenzie Senior-44 McKenzie Senior-45 McKenzie Senior-40 McKenzie Senior-41 McKenzie Senior-42 McKenzie Senior-37 McKenzie Senior-38 McKenzie Senior-39 McKenzie Senior-34 McKenzie Senior-35 McKenzie Senior-36 McKenzie Senior-31 McKenzie Senior-32 McKenzie Senior-33 McKenzie Senior-29 McKenzie Senior-30 McKenzie Senior-26 McKenzie Senior-27 McKenzie Senior-28 McKenzie Senior-23 McKenzie Senior-24 McKenzie Senior-25 McKenzie Senior-19 McKenzie Senior-20 McKenzie Senior-21 McKenzie Senior-22 McKenzie Senior-16 McKenzie Senior-17 McKenzie Senior-18 McKenzie Senior-12 McKenzie Senior-13 McKenzie Senior-14 McKenzie Senior-15 McKenzie Senior-10 McKenzie Senior-11 McKenzie Senior-5 McKenzie Senior-6 McKenzie Senior-7 McKenzie Senior-8 McKenzie Senior-9 McKenzie Senior-3 McKenzie Senior-4 McKenzie Senior-2 McKenzie Senior

Ali Price | UCA Senior

Ali is a senior at UCA and and will be graduating in December! We were so thrilled to work with her! She was referred to us by a few of our sweet mutual friends and we are so glad they sent her our way. Ali was so easy to work with and up for anything during her shoot. She rolled with all our ideas! We were excited to be back at UCA for the day! Ali, we LOVED working with you, gorgeous girl!

Congratulations and best of wishes after graduation! Lots of love!

-The Sterlings
Ali Senior PicsAli Senior Pics-71 Ali Senior Pics-72 Ali Senior Pics-73 Ali Senior Pics-69 Ali Senior Pics-70 Ali Senior Pics-66 Ali Senior Pics-67 Ali Senior Pics-68 Ali Senior Pics-63 Ali Senior Pics-64 Ali Senior Pics-65 Ali Senior Pics-61 Ali Senior Pics-62 Ali Senior Pics-57 Ali Senior Pics-58 Ali Senior Pics-59 Ali Senior Pics-60 Ali Senior Pics-55 Ali Senior Pics-56 Ali Senior Pics-53 Ali Senior Pics-54 Ali Senior Pics-50 Ali Senior Pics-51 Ali Senior Pics-52 Ali Senior Pics-47 Ali Senior Pics-48 Ali Senior Pics-49 Ali Senior Pics-45 Ali Senior Pics-46 Ali Senior Pics-42 Ali Senior Pics-43 Ali Senior Pics-44 Ali Senior Pics-40 Ali Senior Pics-41 Ali Senior Pics-38 Ali Senior Pics-39 Ali Senior Pics-35 Ali Senior Pics-36 Ali Senior Pics-37 Ali Senior Pics-33 Ali Senior Pics-34 Ali Senior Pics-30 Ali Senior Pics-31 Ali Senior Pics-32 Ali Senior Pics-27 Ali Senior Pics-28 Ali Senior Pics-29 Ali Senior Pics-24 Ali Senior Pics-25 Ali Senior Pics-26 Ali Senior Pics-21 Ali Senior Pics-22 Ali Senior Pics-23 Ali Senior Pics-19 Ali Senior Pics-20 Ali Senior Pics-16 Ali Senior Pics-17 Ali Senior Pics-18 Ali Senior Pics-12 Ali Senior Pics-13 Ali Senior Pics-14 Ali Senior Pics-15 Ali Senior Pics-10 Ali Senior Pics-11 Ali Senior Pics-6 Ali Senior Pics-7 Ali Senior Pics-8 Ali Senior Pics-9 Ali Senior Pics-3 Ali Senior Pics-4 Ali Senior Pics-5 Ali Senior Pics-2 Ali Senior Pics

Will, Cameron, & Zoey

I have known Will since elementary school and we have been friends for a long time! I remember the good ole days of making videos for various classes in high school with Will and several other friends! I loved getting to meet his wife, Cameron, and their dog, Zoey!! I had such a wonderful time catching up with Will and taking their family photos!!

Enjoy!!  — Jaison

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Casey, Crystal & Emma | Family Session

Crystal, Casey and Emma are AMAZING! It was so hard to choose my favorites for their blog post because they looked so happy in all of them! Crystal was my “big sis” on dance team in high school (in our North Pulaski Falcon days). I am so thankful that dance team brought us together and I am lucky to call her my friend. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of years but it was like picking up right where we left off. Those are the best types of friendships! Meeting Emma was awesome too, isn’t she adorable?! I love the lighting during this session, it was right before sunset by the river.

Enjoy this lovely family session!
Family Session DSC_4484 DSC_4486 DSC_4492 DSC_4498 DSC_4499 DSC_4504 DSC_4505 DSC_4520 DSC_4521 DSC_4522 DSC_4523 DSC_4536 DSC_4548 DSC_4555 DSC_4564 DSC_4581 DSC_4595 DSC_4607 DSC_4615 DSC_4632 DSC_4688 DSC_4715 SIW_1448 SIW_1451 SIW_1454 SIW_1462 SIW_1467 SIW_1473 SIW_1477 SIW_1493 SIW_1499 SIW_1501 SIW_1505 SIW_1506 SIW_1510 SIW_1519 SIW_1526 SIW_1540 SIW_1553 SIW_1554 SIW_1576 SIW_1582

Caleb + Kelsey | Central Arkansas Couple

I have known both Kelsey and Caleb 10 years! It seems like we have been friends forever though! We went on church trips together and cheered on the North Pulaski Falcons together in high school. Kelsey switched to North Little Rock High School first and I soon followed my eleventh grade year. Kelsey has been one of my best friends ever since. I was heartbroken when she and I went to separate colleges, but I am thankful that we have stayed in touch and that she was able to stand beside me on my wedding day in 2013. I have never seen Kelsey happier than she is with Caleb. Kels and I have spent many hours laughing and crying together and I am happy to know that Caleb is now her best friend. I couldn’t have picked a better guy for her. Naturally, when Kelsey asked me to take her pictures I could not have been happier. She has an uncle who is awesome photographer and I couldn’t believe she asked me! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. This girl means the world to me & Caleb, you aren’t so bad! 😉 Lots of love for these two!

-Cal (p.s. thank you Jaison for teaching me to blog!)

Caleb + Kelsey calebKelsey(i)-5 calebKelsey(i)-6 calebKelsey(i)-9 calebKelsey(i)-13 calebKelsey(i)-15 calebKelsey(i)-18 calebKelsey(i)-20 calebKelsey(i)-25 calebKelsey(i)-30 calebKelsey(i)-31 calebKelsey(i)-36 calebKelsey(i)-38 calebKelsey(i)-39 calebKelsey(i)-42 calebKelsey(i)-47 calebKelsey(i)-50 calebKelsey(i)-51 calebKelsey(i)-54 calebKelsey(i)-65 calebKelsey(i)-66 calebKelsey(i)-78 calebKelsey(i)-79 calebKelsey(i)

Richard + Allie | Engagements

Allie and I went to high school at North Little Rock & we also went to UCA together! I met with her and her mom a few months back about doing her & Richard’s wedding and I was pumped! And I got to find out her mom is a fellow Alpha Tau! They chose Two River’s Park for their engagements & as always this location NEVER disappoints! We loved their laid back personalities and sweet spirits! Although pictures aren’t Richard’s favorite thing to do, he did AWESOME!! 😉 We can not wait to shoot her bridals and their wedding day! Much love!

-The Sterlings
Allie&Richard-2 Allie&Richard Allie&Richard-3 Allie&Richard-4 Allie&Richard-5 Allie&Richard-6 Allie&Richard-7 Allie&Richard-8 Allie&Richard-9 Allie&Richard-10 Allie&Richard-11 Allie&Richard-12 Allie&Richard-13 Allie&Richard-14 Allie&Richard-15 Allie&Richard-16 Allie&Richard-17 Allie&Richard-18 Allie&Richard-19 Allie&Richard-20 Allie&Richard-21 Allie&Richard-22 Allie&Richard-23 Allie&Richard-24 Allie&Richard-25 Allie&Richard-26 Allie&Richard-27 Allie&Richard-28 Allie&Richard-29 Allie&Richard-30 Allie&Richard-31

Jacob & Rebecca | Engagement

Rebecca has been my good friend since freshman year when we pledged Alpha Tau together. She has always been one of my sweetest dearest friends from college. Jacob and her have been together a long time and I often ask her when is Jacob going to propose?!? When he did my heart was so happy for the both of them! When she e-mailed me about shooting her wedding I was SO SO EXCITED! I can’t believe how perfect these engagements turned out. We have shot one other engagement session here and Rebecca loved the location so we made a short trip to Little Rock.

Enjoy this stunning couple!
p.s. Ladies aren’t you jealous of those legs?! Rebecca is my new gym inspiration!

Rebecca&Jacob(b) Rebecca&Jacob(b)-2 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-3 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-4 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-5 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-6 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-7 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-8 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-9 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-10 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-11 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-12 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-13 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-14 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-15 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-16 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-17 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-18 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-19 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-20 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-21 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-22 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-23 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-24 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-25 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-26 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-27 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-28 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-29 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-30 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-31 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-32 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-33 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-34 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-35 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-36 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-37 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-38 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-39 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-40 Rebecca&Jacob(b)-41