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Justin + Carol | Couples Session

Justin and Carol have been married almost three years! We were so excited to take some fun shots of them Valentine’s Day weekend. I have known Justin a very long time, ten years! Makes me feel old when I think about it. I hadn’t met Carol until this session, but just by doing this photo session I feel like I have also known her forever as well. She was super fun and easy to talk to, the perfect counterpart for Justin! As you can tell these were taken in the dead of winter (and it was COLD that day) but you can see their laughter and smiles are so warm – you can’t even tell it was cold outside! And we found a new location! We can’t wait to photograph these two again!

Lots of love,


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Lauren + Cody | Castle on Stagecoach Engagements

We have been dying to share this session! Thank God for the snow days so we can catch up on blogging and share this sweet love with you. Lauren & Cody will tie the knot at the Castle on Stagecoach this June. We thought it would be special to photograph their engagements here as well as their wedding day photos. This redheaded sweetheart and her beau are the cutest couple! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Huge thanks to Walter at the Castle for letting us use the property for this session! Lots of love!


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Levi Glenn Perkins | 1 Year Old Photos

Levi Glenn Perkins is too cool and too cute! (Probably because he has some pretty cute and cool parents.) I seriously LOVE this little guy. We have loved documenting his parent’s wedding, mom’s pregnancy, 6 months photos and now his 1 year photos! (And his mom’s real estate headshots). I sincerely am looking forward to capturing Levi’s big life moments for years to come! Love you little guy!

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Alpha Sigma Tau Arkansas Tech. | Russellville

When Alpha Sigma Tau Nationals approached me about doing a photo shoot for Alpha Tau in Russellville I was thrilled! As you may know (or may not know) I was an AST at UCA in Conway and now serve as an alumni advisor for the UCA chapter. I love giving back to an organization that has given me so much. I have gained forever friends from Alpha Tau and hope to continue to give back for many years to come. It was awesome getting to hang out with these ladies for the day & seeing what another chapter is like. You ALL are seriously so beautiful and fun!

AST Love & Mine,


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Zimmerman Studio | Conway Florals + Events

We are so excited to share these images! These were taken for Zimmerman florals & events in Conwayn (formerly Southern Tradition). We were thrilled when Jessica and Kellie asked us to come hang out and create some fun photographs! I was totally in my element, if I could just photograph pretty florals everyday I would be in Heaven! Bouquet and detail shots at weddings are some of my favorites type of shots, so naturally this was right up my alley. Jaison enjoyed hanging out with the girls too, in this industry he is way outnumbered by women, haha! He never minds though. We loved working with these women and if you need some floral work done, these sweet professionals know their stuff! We loved doing something a little different for a change!


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Dustin + Tori | Little Rock Engagements


Dustin has been in my life a looooong time! We grew up with one another and he is probably my longest lasting friend. We will go months without talking but it is the type of friendship where you don’t have to talk everyday but you still have each other’s backs no matter what. He is more like a brother honestly. When I heard he was engaged I was so excited for him! And now that I know Tori, I love her too (maybe more than I like Dustin – just kidding). She is the perfect balance to Dustin, exactly what he needed. And she keeps him in line, which he can be a mess sometimes. Plus she is gorgeous, talk about blonde bombshell!

I am super sad we were booked on their wedding day, not just to photograph it, but just to attend. Dustin was an usher at my wedding a few years back and now I wanted to be there to see him tie the knot! Although I will be photographing another wedding, I will definitely be there in spirit. (I can’t wait to see pics!) I wish you two the best and cheers to many more years of friendship with you both!

ps: aren’t these firefighter shots the cutest?!



DustinTori(b)-2 DustinTori(b)-3 DustinTori(b)-4 DustinTori(b)-5 DustinTori(b)-6 DustinTori(b)-7 DustinTori(b)-8 DustinTori(b)-9 DustinTori(b)-10 DustinTori(b)-11 DustinTori(b)-12 DustinTori(b)-13 DustinTori(b)-14 DustinTori(b)-15 DustinTori(b)-16 DustinTori(b)-17 DustinTori(b)-18 DustinTori(b)-19 DustinTori(b)-20 DustinTori(b)-21 DustinTori(b)-22 DustinTori(b)-23 DustinTori(b)-24 DustinTori(b)-25 DustinTori(b)-26 DustinTori(b)-27 DustinTori(b)-28 DustinTori(b)-29 DustinTori(b)-30 DustinTori(b)-31 DustinTori(b)-32 DustinTori(b)-33 DustinTori(b)

Molly Parker | El Paso, Arkansas Bridals

I am so glad I didn’t have to wait very long to share these special bridals, because I could not have waited much longer. Molly is a dear friend I met in college through Alpha Tau. She was my pledge sister and my pledge buddy (PB). I think they paired us together because we were both redheads & they couldn’t have picked a better match to be my PB. First, this girl is super woman. Anything she touches turns to gold! It has been a privilege to have her by my side through our college years. And NOW, she is moving to Rwanda (in a few days). Yes, Africa! Molly planned her wedding in a month and two weeks and it was PERFECT! I am not surprised though, if anyone could’ve done it, it was going to be this girl. I am hoping to visit her later this year in her new home and go sight-seeing. We will take our cameras, don’t worry! And for Clay, her sweet groom… he has the same heart and drive as Molly & I know he is going to take great care of her! To my friends, I am excited for your new journey & I love you both! We still have wedding photos coming, but in the meantime here are Molly’s fabulous bridals!


Molly(b)-2 Molly(b)-3 Molly(b)-4 Molly(b) Molly(b)-5 Molly(b)-6 Molly(b)-7 Molly(b)-8 Molly(b)-9 Molly(b)-10 Molly(b)-11 Molly(b)-12 Molly(b)-13 Molly(b)-14 Molly(b)-15 Molly(b)-16 Molly(b)-17 Molly(b)-18 Molly(b)-19 Molly(b)-21 Molly(b)-22 Molly(b)-23 Molly(b)-24 Molly(b)-25 Molly(b)-26 Molly(b)-27 Molly(b)-28 Molly(b)-29 Molly(b)-30 Molly(b)-31 Molly(b)-32 Molly(b)-33 Molly(b)-34 Molly(b)-35 Molly(b)-36 Molly(b)-37 Molly(b)-38 Molly(b)-39 Molly(b)-40 Molly(b)-41 Molly(b)-42 Molly(b)-43 Molly(b)-44 Molly(b)-45 Molly(b)-46 Molly(b)-47 Molly(b)-48

Molly + Clay | Little Rock Engagement

We are so excited to share these! We usually don’t do city sessions and we couldn’t have been happier with how this one turned out! Molly and Clay let us have complete creative control and we can’t thank them enough for that. I met Molly in January 2010 when we began pledging Alpha Tau (our friend Breckenn could tell me the date if I asked, haha). She was my ‘pledge buddy’ and I think we were paired together because we were both redheaded, haha. I can’t thank those pledge moms of ours enough for putting us together. So on this shoot we just got to play as photographers and they are naturals!! It was so easy to pose them. They were already how I wanted them majority of the time! These two will tie the knot on January 31st in Hot Springs! Then they are jet setting to Africa to start their married life together (so cool right?!) We are hoping to get to go visit them in Africa (for real). Love these two & love how happy Clay has made Molly. He totally gets my approval!


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Kayla Britton | Little Rock Bridals

Now that their wedding has passed we can share Kayla’s bridals! We took these in early January and love the wintery feel they have! Kayla is so easy to work with. She and Bo are seriously two peas in a pod. They’re so kind and caring and want everyone to feel special around them. I am so excited to post their wedding photos in the next few weeks! Enjoy this winter princess!

p.s. It is just a bonus that she is one of my dearest friends! Love you Kayla!

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Vanessa + Austin | Conway Couple

Eeeeek! Can we just first say we are obsessed with their cute dogs?! These pups are super friendly and of course adorable! We have puppy fever! (Okay, maybe just me!) Vanessa and Austin were troopers because the day that we did their shoot it was FREEZING! You can’t even tell though right?! Enjoy this sweet and simple cute shoot that we did in Conway. We loved working with these two!

Lots of love,


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Austin Blair | North Little Rock Senior

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to take photos of Austin during the North Little Rock football games. It has been awesome getting to watch him, and all the other players, play football over the past two years. I was thrilled when he asked me to take his senior photos! Austin has committed to play football for Louisiana Monroe next season. Callie & and I wish you the best during your college career!

Enjoy his senior photos!


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Katie Chapman | Central Arkansas Christian Senior

We were thrilled to meet Katie at her senior session! Unfortunately we were rained out several times and had to reschedule! When we did meet her though, God outdid himself and the weather was beautiful! Chilly, but beautiful! We loved working with her and her Michael Kors accessories (me especially, haha)! She rocked her session and as a result looked phenomenal! Enjoy this precious girl’s shoot! (Her mom was also super sweet and so complimentary of us, I can’t thank her enough for making my day!)

Lots of love!


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Abbey + Kyle | Little Rock Mini Session

We got to include our best friends in our mini session day this year! Although we shot Abbey’s sister’s wedding, Abbey and Kyle have never had a session with just the two of them before. Luckily, we had an extra opening in our schedule the day so we did mini sessions so decided this would be our Christmas present to our sweet friends! They brought their pups, Trooper and Benny! Love how these turned out! Enjoy

Lots of love,


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