Jordan & William | Memphis, TN Engagements

Aren’t they dreamy?! That is what I was thinking the entire time we were taking these photos and as I was sorting them for the blog. These two look like they’re straight out of a film from the 60s — classic! Classic — the perfect way I can think to describe this session.

We made a little trip to Memphis and shot these around the downtown area. We started at their wedding venue (which we LOVE) and then made our way to the true downtown area! We loved that Jordan and William showed us around to the local spots during the shoot. Afterward we ended the night with them at Rendezvous- one of our favorite rib places in Memphis (It was delicious!). Over dinner we got to hear the story about how they met! Which is a pretty amazing story, we will save that for their wedding day blog, so you’ll have to wait just a bit! 😉

Enjoy this sweet Memphis session, until next time!


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