Kelsey & Nelson | North Little Rock Engagements

I say this daily but this is one of my favorite engagement sessions ever! I am obsessed with Teddy (the cute lil’ pup) that you’re seeing right below! This little guy was our model for the shoot and we have come to find out after many “likes” on Facebook that he is quite the popular little fluff ball! (As everyone knows I am a huge dog lover)!

Nelson (the groom) pretended not to love this session but Kelsey and I knew he was secretly having a good time getting his photos taken. This is the perfect example of why I encourage couples to have engagement photos done! It gives the photographer the opportunity to get to know the couple and get a feel for their personalities.  Sometimes you have to ease into the session and make them feel 100% comfortable, then the magic starts happening!

And by the end of the session it made my day for Nelson to say he truly enjoyed the session! Sometimes it is hard to get the groom to open up during a session (that is ok guys, it is in your nature)…but Nelson rocked it and really listened to my guidance during the shoot and he ended up rocking it!

And Kelsey…she is a blast to hang out with! I love her and we connected from day 1 during her consultation!

& (you could tell me she was in modeling instead of the medical field and I totally would believe you!) She is gorgeous and knocked out every pose with perfection!

(Kelsey and I were meant to be bride & photographer because she works with head trauma patients and I happen to have had head trauma myself (open skull fracture) (I am serious). I won’t go into detail on their blog post but it is a pretty incredible medical miracle if anyone ever wants to ask about it feel free!

Needless to say….

I can not wait for their big day! (secretly hoping they will bring Teddy)

  (Now after my rambling, enjoy their sweet fall engagement session)


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