Molly + Clay | Little Rock Engagement

We are so excited to share these! We usually don’t do city sessions and we couldn’t have been happier with how this one turned out! Molly and Clay let us have complete creative control and we can’t thank them enough for that. I met Molly in January 2010 when we began pledging Alpha Tau (our friend Breckenn could tell me the date if I asked, haha). She was my ‘pledge buddy’ and I think we were paired together because we were both redheaded, haha. I can’t thank those pledge moms of ours enough for putting us together. So on this shoot we just got to play as photographers and they are naturals!! It was so easy to pose them. They were already how I wanted them majority of the time! These two will tie the knot on January 31st in Hot Springs! Then they are jet setting to Africa to start their married life together (so cool right?!) We are hoping to get to go visit them in Africa (for real). Love these two & love how happy Clay has made Molly. He totally gets my approval!


-CallieMolly&Clay(b)-2 Molly&Clay(b)-3 Molly&Clay(b)-4 Molly&Clay(b)-6 Molly&Clay(b)-7 Molly&Clay(b)-8 Molly&Clay(b)-9 Molly&Clay(b)-10 Molly&Clay(b)-12 Molly&Clay(b)-13 Molly&Clay(b)-14 Molly&Clay(b)-15 Molly&Clay(b)-16 Molly&Clay(b)-17 Molly&Clay(b)-18 Molly&Clay(b)-19 Molly&Clay(b)-20 Molly&Clay(b)-21 Molly&Clay(b)-22 Molly&Clay(b)-23 Molly&Clay(b)-24 Molly&Clay(b)-25 Molly&Clay(b)-26 Molly&Clay(b)-27 Molly&Clay(b)-28 Molly&Clay(b)-29 Molly&Clay(b)-30 Molly&Clay(b)-31 Molly&Clay(b)-32 Molly&Clay(b)-33 Molly&Clay(b)-34 Molly&Clay(b)-35 Molly&Clay(b)-36 Molly&Clay(b)-37 Molly&Clay(b)-38 Molly&Clay(b)-39 Molly&Clay(b)-40 Molly&Clay(b)-41 Molly&Clay(b)-42 Molly&Clay(b)-43 Molly&Clay(b)-44 Molly&Clay(b)-45 Molly&Clay(b)-46 Molly&Clay(b)-47 Molly&Clay(b)-48 Molly&Clay(b)-49 Molly&Clay(b)-50 Molly&Clay(b)-51 Molly&Clay(b)-52 Molly&Clay(b)-53 Molly&Clay(b)

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