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Kaylee + Dakota Weatherly | Roland, AR Wedding


Kaylee and Dokota’s wedding looked like something out of a southern wedding magazine! She looked like a princess and this was such a special week for her family! This doubled as the week that her niece was born, sweet Charlee made her arrival at the perfect time to take part in the wedding festivities! We got to do sweet Charlee’s newborn photos shortly after this day, getting the opportunity to work with this amazing family once again!

We couldn’t be more happy to have amazing clients live the Harrison & Weatherly families! I love how happy these two were to see one another during their first look — and Jaison captured it perfectly! Check out all of her gorgeous wedding attendants, the bridesmaids dresses are some of my favorites of all time & that color scheme was amazing with the florals! Another favorite thing of ours from this wedding was the CAKE! The cake is a gorgeous strawberry naked cake and it photographed so well! Check out Dakota + Kaylee’s sweet summer wedding on the blog today! We love you two!




Venue: BoBrook Farms

Coordinator: Jennifer Wallace

Videographer: John McLelland

Florals: Fairytale Florals

Cakes: Mickey’s Cakes and Sweets

DJ: Central Arkansas Entertainment

Dress: Low’s Bridal & Formal

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Minister: Ken Shaddox

Hair/Makeup: Alexis Horner



Justin + Carol | Couples Session

Justin and Carol have been married almost three years! We were so excited to take some fun shots of them Valentine’s Day weekend. I have known Justin a very long time, ten years! Makes me feel old when I think about it. I hadn’t met Carol until this session, but just by doing this photo session I feel like I have also known her forever as well. She was super fun and easy to talk to, the perfect counterpart for Justin! As you can tell these were taken in the dead of winter (and it was COLD that day) but you can see their laughter and smiles are so warm – you can’t even tell it was cold outside! And we found a new location! We can’t wait to photograph these two again!

Lots of love,


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Molly + Clay Parker | Hot Springs Wedding

I usually don’t get so emotional when I write blog posts but this is a wedding that was very near and dear to my heart. Molly is one of the most genuine people I have ever met and I have 110% loved getting to capture her journey with Clay! I have known Molly since 2009 when we were ‘pledge buddies’ in Alpha Tau. I believe I mentioned this in a previous blog post, but every new member (pledge) gets a pledge buddy. Your PB is basically your partner for the pledging semester. I am fairly certain we were paired together because we were both redheads, good choice on our pledge mom’s part. I can say Molly and I got even closer our senior year when we were on the AST Executive board. I am forever thankful for that experience and our friendship.

When she got engaged I prayed we would do her wedding photography and I am SO thankful we got the opportunity. From engagements, bridals to the wedding day this has been an incredible experience. I am not sure I have ever had a bride TRUST us so much with her wedding photography. For that, I am eternally grateful and appreciative. Every step of the way,  Molly was encouraging me and constantly telling me how she was so glad she didn’t have to worry about her photos and that she knew they would be perfect. I may be bias, but I think they certainly are PERFECT. Not because of their photographers though, but because this couple has a love so deep it radiates in everything they touch and everything they do. So this may be my longest blog post ever but I literally could not limit this loveliness to a certain number of photos. I didn’t include all the photos that we gave to her and Clay, but I did include over 200 of my favorites. I hope they also become your favorites. With much love I hope you enjoy! Hugs and kisses to my Rwandan friends!


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Lauren + Cody | Castle on Stagecoach Engagements

We have been dying to share this session! Thank God for the snow days so we can catch up on blogging and share this sweet love with you. Lauren & Cody will tie the knot at the Castle on Stagecoach this June. We thought it would be special to photograph their engagements here as well as their wedding day photos. This redheaded sweetheart and her beau are the cutest couple! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Huge thanks to Walter at the Castle for letting us use the property for this session! Lots of love!


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Kayla + Bo | Little Rock Wedding

This wedding was many firsts for us! Our first wedding to have a groomsWOMAN, our first wedding on my birthday (I am sure there will be many more), our first wine box ceremony, our first exit with fake snow, our first wedding with an ice sculpture and our first market place catered wedding (which was DELICIOUS)!! This was such a fun time. We love Kayla and Bo and have loved capturing every second of their journey. From Engagement photos…where her engagement ring fell in the river (yep, you heard that right)….we got it back. Thank God! To her gorgeous bridals, to the wedding day…everything was perfect. Loved the idea of saving the newspapers from the wedding day – so unique! We hope you love this winter wonderland wedding! I couldn’t have spent my birthday with better people, happy to share my day with y’all from now on. ps: I will always remember your anniversary 😉

Love y’all,

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