Kimberly | Little Rock Bridal Portraits

We are so excited to share these bridals! Kim and Alex got married in June but we took these a few weeks ago because Kim was too busy to take them before their big day. We got rained out from our original location & decided to take them at the State Capitol in Little Rock. We even got some sunshine & were able to take some outside toward the end! We also tried some new things during this session with lighting!


KimBridals-2 KimBridals-3 KimBridals-4 KimBridals KimBridals-5 KimBridals-6 KimBridals-7 KimBridals-8 KimBridals-9 KimBridals-10 KimBridals-11 KimBridals-12 KimBridals-13 KimBridals-14 KimBridals-15 KimBridals-16 KimBridals-17 KimBridals-18 KimBridals-19 KimBridals-20 KimBridals-21 KimBridals-22 KimBridals-23 KimBridals-24 KimBridals-25 KimBridals-26 KimBridals-27 KimBridals-28 KimBridals-29 KimBridals-30

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