Alpha Sigma Tau | Fall Recruitment 2014

Yesterday UCA finished up Panhellenic Sorority recruitment. We were asked to do recruitment videos for Sigma Kappa and Alpha Sigma Tau. We were of course honored and excited! I know how life changing being a part of a sisterhood can be and feel so thrilled for every woman who accepted a bid to UCA’s chapters! We got to take all of Alpha Tau’s rush photos this year and have been dying to share them with you all! These girls are beautiful inside and out. I have had the privilege of becoming an advisor for AST in the past year and can’t describe the blessing that has been. These girls will forever hold a place in my heart & my fellow advising team is AMAZING! We hope you enjoy these beauties!

Much love! -Callie

If you would like to purchase prints please visit our print gallery via the link below.

AlphaSigmaTau14-2 AlphaSigmaTau14-3 AlphaSigmaTau14-4 AlphaSigmaTau14-5 AlphaSigmaTau14-6 AlphaSigmaTau14-7 AlphaSigmaTau14-8 AlphaSigmaTau14-9 AlphaSigmaTau14-10 AlphaSigmaTau14-11 AlphaSigmaTau14-12 AlphaSigmaTau14-13 AlphaSigmaTau14-14 AlphaSigmaTau14-15 AlphaSigmaTau14-16 AlphaSigmaTau14-17 AlphaSigmaTau14-18 AlphaSigmaTau14-19 AlphaSigmaTau14-20 AlphaSigmaTau14-21 AlphaSigmaTau14-22 AlphaSigmaTau14-23 AlphaSigmaTau14-24 AlphaSigmaTau14-25 AlphaSigmaTau14-26 AlphaSigmaTau14-27 AlphaSigmaTau14-28 AlphaSigmaTau14-29 AlphaSigmaTau14-30 AlphaSigmaTau14-31 AlphaSigmaTau14-32 AlphaSigmaTau14-33 AlphaSigmaTau14-34 AlphaSigmaTau14-35 AlphaSigmaTau14-36 AlphaSigmaTau14-37 AlphaSigmaTau14-38 AlphaSigmaTau14-39 AlphaSigmaTau14-40 AlphaSigmaTau14-41 AlphaSigmaTau14-42 AlphaSigmaTau14-43 AlphaSigmaTau14-44 AlphaSigmaTau14-45 AlphaSigmaTau14-46 AlphaSigmaTau14-47 AlphaSigmaTau14-48 AlphaSigmaTau14-49 AlphaSigmaTau14

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