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Mallory + Colton | Conway, AR Engagements

Watching Mallory and Colton’s relationship grow has been one of my favorite things. I literally love these two – and I love them together. They are literally the same person – just the male and female version of one another. They are sweet, kind, quirky, hilarious, cute, and two of the most genuine people you will ever meet. They are hands down one of my favorite couples; that double as great friends to Jaison and I.

We met them at UCA and I have always thought of Mallory as a little sister. She was in my sorority and she was Jenny’s (my roommate in college) “little” in AST. I loved Mal since I met her, I remember the first time I met her to be exact. Jenny asked if I wanted to go meet her new little in her dorm-room, and of course I said yes. I wanted to meet our sweet new AST from Texas!

Mallory was actually in a wheelchair at the time — she had been in a really bad car accident but still was as cute as a button! Fast forward through college and I got to know her even better through our time at UCA.

 Then after college, their best friends – Kim and Chris Diaz (who we also love to the moon) got married and all three of us couples got to bond a little further through that experience of the Diaz wedding & wedding planning.

When Mallory called and said she wanted us to be her and Colton’s wedding photographers, it was such an exciting day and I couldn’t have been more excited to work with these two! I am so thankful for friends like these two who have supported us every step of the way in our journey with Sterling Imageworks. They have watched our company grow almost the entire time we have been in business. With that being said, we thought it was only fitting to start the session where it all began — UCA. And we ended in downtown Conway with more of a formal look.

(Love love love the shirts they wore in the first part — Mallory is from Texas and Colton from Oklahoma)  — such a cute idea! Here is a glimpse into their engagement session – we are completely swooning over them all.

We love you two!

– Callie and Jaison

Kimberly Fitts | UCA Senior | Conway, AR

Kimber is such a sweetheart! During her session she was so comfortable in front of the camera and made my job so easy! She was an absolute joy to work with!

She and I both attended UCA and we were in the same sorority – Alpha Sigma Tau. I have enjoyed getting to know her over the years! And I’m so proud of her as she begins the professional phase of her life! Congratulations on your December graduation from UCA, Kimber!

<3 Thank you for letting me capture your college senior portraits!


Lacy Flurry | UCA Senior

Lacy is one of my favorite people in the whole world and I sincerely mean that. She is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is always telling me how she looks up to me but the truth is I look up to her (literally also – but that’s not what I mean, haha). If you can’t tell from these photos, she is so so involved on UCA’s campus! Check out all of those awards!!! She was an Alpha Tau, homecoming queen, on Who’s Who, Alpha Tau Sister of the Year, AST’s Hardest Worker, AST’s Top Tau, on SOS, Sig Ep Sweetheart of the Year, Greek Goddess, Bear Den Exec and more!! She is so deserving of all of those titles and truly is one of the hardest working people I know! I am blessed to call her my friend, sister and now a fellow UCA alum. I know anything Lacy does in the future – she is going to rock it! Love you sweet girl! Here are my favorites from her senior session!

p.s. She pretty much has the best unique style ever!


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Dee Ingram | UCA Senior

Dee is the cutest thing ever! Her UCA themed senior session was such a blast! We took her brother’s senior pictures back in the fall and this time we had the privilege of working with this sweet girl! Congrats Dee on your upcoming graduation! & GO BEARS!

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Ali Price | UCA Senior

Ali is a senior at UCA and and will be graduating in December! We were so thrilled to work with her! She was referred to us by a few of our sweet mutual friends and we are so glad they sent her our way. Ali was so easy to work with and up for anything during her shoot. She rolled with all our ideas! We were excited to be back at UCA for the day! Ali, we LOVED working with you, gorgeous girl!

Congratulations and best of wishes after graduation! Lots of love!

-The Sterlings
Ali Senior PicsAli Senior Pics-71 Ali Senior Pics-72 Ali Senior Pics-73 Ali Senior Pics-69 Ali Senior Pics-70 Ali Senior Pics-66 Ali Senior Pics-67 Ali Senior Pics-68 Ali Senior Pics-63 Ali Senior Pics-64 Ali Senior Pics-65 Ali Senior Pics-61 Ali Senior Pics-62 Ali Senior Pics-57 Ali Senior Pics-58 Ali Senior Pics-59 Ali Senior Pics-60 Ali Senior Pics-55 Ali Senior Pics-56 Ali Senior Pics-53 Ali Senior Pics-54 Ali Senior Pics-50 Ali Senior Pics-51 Ali Senior Pics-52 Ali Senior Pics-47 Ali Senior Pics-48 Ali Senior Pics-49 Ali Senior Pics-45 Ali Senior Pics-46 Ali Senior Pics-42 Ali Senior Pics-43 Ali Senior Pics-44 Ali Senior Pics-40 Ali Senior Pics-41 Ali Senior Pics-38 Ali Senior Pics-39 Ali Senior Pics-35 Ali Senior Pics-36 Ali Senior Pics-37 Ali Senior Pics-33 Ali Senior Pics-34 Ali Senior Pics-30 Ali Senior Pics-31 Ali Senior Pics-32 Ali Senior Pics-27 Ali Senior Pics-28 Ali Senior Pics-29 Ali Senior Pics-24 Ali Senior Pics-25 Ali Senior Pics-26 Ali Senior Pics-21 Ali Senior Pics-22 Ali Senior Pics-23 Ali Senior Pics-19 Ali Senior Pics-20 Ali Senior Pics-16 Ali Senior Pics-17 Ali Senior Pics-18 Ali Senior Pics-12 Ali Senior Pics-13 Ali Senior Pics-14 Ali Senior Pics-15 Ali Senior Pics-10 Ali Senior Pics-11 Ali Senior Pics-6 Ali Senior Pics-7 Ali Senior Pics-8 Ali Senior Pics-9 Ali Senior Pics-3 Ali Senior Pics-4 Ali Senior Pics-5 Ali Senior Pics-2 Ali Senior Pics

Alpha Sigma Tau | Fall Recruitment 2014

Yesterday UCA finished up Panhellenic Sorority recruitment. We were asked to do recruitment videos for Sigma Kappa and Alpha Sigma Tau. We were of course honored and excited! I know how life changing being a part of a sisterhood can be and feel so thrilled for every woman who accepted a bid to UCA’s chapters! We got to take all of Alpha Tau’s rush photos this year and have been dying to share them with you all! These girls are beautiful inside and out. I have had the privilege of becoming an advisor for AST in the past year and can’t describe the blessing that has been. These girls will forever hold a place in my heart & my fellow advising team is AMAZING! We hope you enjoy these beauties!

Much love! -Callie

If you would like to purchase prints please visit our print gallery via the link below.

AlphaSigmaTau14-2 AlphaSigmaTau14-3 AlphaSigmaTau14-4 AlphaSigmaTau14-5 AlphaSigmaTau14-6 AlphaSigmaTau14-7 AlphaSigmaTau14-8 AlphaSigmaTau14-9 AlphaSigmaTau14-10 AlphaSigmaTau14-11 AlphaSigmaTau14-12 AlphaSigmaTau14-13 AlphaSigmaTau14-14 AlphaSigmaTau14-15 AlphaSigmaTau14-16 AlphaSigmaTau14-17 AlphaSigmaTau14-18 AlphaSigmaTau14-19 AlphaSigmaTau14-20 AlphaSigmaTau14-21 AlphaSigmaTau14-22 AlphaSigmaTau14-23 AlphaSigmaTau14-24 AlphaSigmaTau14-25 AlphaSigmaTau14-26 AlphaSigmaTau14-27 AlphaSigmaTau14-28 AlphaSigmaTau14-29 AlphaSigmaTau14-30 AlphaSigmaTau14-31 AlphaSigmaTau14-32 AlphaSigmaTau14-33 AlphaSigmaTau14-34 AlphaSigmaTau14-35 AlphaSigmaTau14-36 AlphaSigmaTau14-37 AlphaSigmaTau14-38 AlphaSigmaTau14-39 AlphaSigmaTau14-40 AlphaSigmaTau14-41 AlphaSigmaTau14-42 AlphaSigmaTau14-43 AlphaSigmaTau14-44 AlphaSigmaTau14-45 AlphaSigmaTau14-46 AlphaSigmaTau14-47 AlphaSigmaTau14-48 AlphaSigmaTau14-49 AlphaSigmaTau14