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Kimberly | Little Rock Bridal Portraits

We are so excited to share these bridals! Kim and Alex got married in June but we took these a few weeks ago because Kim was too busy to take them before their big day. We got rained out from our original location & decided to take them at the State Capitol in Little Rock. We even got some sunshine & were able to take some outside toward the end! We also tried some new things during this session with lighting!


KimBridals-2 KimBridals-3 KimBridals-4 KimBridals KimBridals-5 KimBridals-6 KimBridals-7 KimBridals-8 KimBridals-9 KimBridals-10 KimBridals-11 KimBridals-12 KimBridals-13 KimBridals-14 KimBridals-15 KimBridals-16 KimBridals-17 KimBridals-18 KimBridals-19 KimBridals-20 KimBridals-21 KimBridals-22 KimBridals-23 KimBridals-24 KimBridals-25 KimBridals-26 KimBridals-27 KimBridals-28 KimBridals-29 KimBridals-30

Trey | North Little Rock Drummer

First off, let me just say that Trey is fantastic drummer!! When I was carrying my gear in to where we were shooting I could hear Trey practicing from the parking lot. I thought to myself, “Wow, this guy is good!” A few weeks ago Trey’s father asked me to take some photos of his son playing drums. When I started thinking about how I wanted to shoot this I knew I wanted to try something new and edgy. With the help of some stage fog and strobe lighting we ended up with some awesome photos!!



Trey(I)-3 Trey(I)-4 Trey(I)-5 Trey(I)-6 Trey(I)-7 Trey(I)-8 Trey(I)-9 Trey(I)-10 Trey(I)-11 Trey(I)-12 Trey(I)-13 Trey(I)-14 Trey(I)-15 Trey(I)-19 Trey(I)-22 Trey(I)-23 Trey(I)-29 Trey(I)-31 Trey(I)-33 Trey(I)-35 Trey(I)-37 Trey(I)-40 Trey(I)-44 Trey(I)-49 Trey(I)-50 Trey(I)-54 Trey(I)-55 Trey(I)-59

Sinehan | Headshots



All future doctors eventually need a headshot, or two, or three. Sinehan, who is a good friend of mine, texted me a few weeks back asking if we did headshots. We told her of course! They’re not our specialty, by any means, but we were up for the challenge; even if she sent us photos of crazy models with boas.

We had to mess around and get some fun shots when we found a hilarious mask in the office desk. So glad Sinehan was down to clown!

On a serious note, she is breathtaking! Beauty, brains and a sense of humor. We laughed so much during this shoot!


sinehan_headshots sinehan_headshots-2 sinehan_headshots-3 sinehan_headshots-4 sinehan_headshots-5 sinehan_headshots-6 sinehan_headshots-7 sinehan_headshots-8 sinehan_headshots-9 sinehan_headshots-10 sinehan_headshots-11 sinehan_headshots-12 sinehan_headshots-13 sinehan_headshots-14 sinehan_headshots-15