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Lauren Morris | Conway, AR Bridals

I have been patiently waiting to post these for over a month! Since Lauren and Heath’s wedding was this past weekend – I am finally allowed to share! Lauren in stunningly beautiful; but my favorite part about her is her heart for others.

She often reminds me of a younger version of myself; with wayyyyy better basketball skills (not even kidding!) I loved getting to meet her family and friends this past weekend at her home church in Cabot, (where the wedding was held).

She and Heath have been dating since high school and I loved getting to know her through Alpha Tau at UCA, I got to be a mentor to her during her time as Alpha Tau’s president. SO thankful for this chance that I have had to grow closer in my relationship with her through her wedding journey! I can’t wait for her wedding photos to be ready; Lauren, Haeth and their entire bridal party looked so stunning! So excited that your new journey with Heath has officially started! Happy honey-mooning this week!


Hair & Makeup: Lacy Flurry

Dress: She Said Yes Bridal

Florals: Petals & Plants

Cara Erwin Schaefer | Little Rock, AR Bridals

Happy Sunday! Today Cara is flying out of the country for her honeymoon with Boyd; and that means I am allowed to share her bridal portraits! Yay!

We had such a fun time with her mom, sisters and bridesmaids during this session. We all laughed so much and Cara looked like a true princess – it was a perfect day! This girl shines inside and out, and her family is so kind. It was a joy getting to work with them.

Their wedding yesterday was also so wonderful! Rain was originally predicted all day, but it held off until we got to the indoor reception in the evening, so we were able to get a lot of amazing photos outside with her and Boyd, as well as the bridal party – we can’t wait to edit them and show them off! For now, I will share her sweet bridal session that we did at the Terry House! These white blooms only pop up for a very short time each year, for about 2 weeks and we timed these perfectly to capture them for her session.

<3 Callie and Jaison

Taylor Scott Ransack | McCroy, AR Bridals

It was so special for me to get to photograph these bridals – this is my sweet cousin Taylor. Although I have known her most of my life and all of hers; & we completely reconnected throughout her wedding planning experience. & I am so in love with her bridal session! The lighting was so dreamy coming through the pecan orchard and the weather was nearly perfect. So glad I am finally able to sit down and share this beautiful bride’s portraits with the world. Love you Tay!


Allie Lillibridge | Maumelle Bridals

I am finally catching up on blogging after an amazing week at the beach! A much needed pre-busy season vacation. Now we are in full work mode and ready to shoot some amazing weddings this year! With seven under our belt for 2015 already, I know this year is going to fly by!

It already feels like we took these ages ago, although it wasn’t really that long ago! We love this simple beautiful country spot in Maumelle for bridals. I actually took my bridals at this exact spot and loved it so much I wanted to come back! Allie and her beautiful dress couldn’t have complimented the location better! We LOVED hanging out with her and mom, even though it was FREEZING! We were all pretty chilly but Allie looks so natural and gorgeous you can’t even tell she was cold. A few weeks later we shot her wedding to Richard and it will be coming to the blog soon!

For now, enjoy this sweet bride and her bridals!



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Ashliegh Goff | El Paso Bridal Session

We are so excited that Ashliegh and Cody are married because we have been dying to post these stunning bridals! They tied the knot on Feb. 21 at Anthony Chapel in Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs. We are thrilled to be able to share Ashliegh’s bridals with the world. She made our jobs so so easy! We had a minor mishap with the dress this day but you can’t even tell! We hope this sweet bride and her groom are enjoying every second of their honeymoon right now!

Lots of love,


AshlieghBridals-70 AshlieghBridals-68 AshlieghBridals-65 AshlieghBridals-64 AshlieghBridals-63 AshlieghBridals-62 AshlieghBridals-55 AshlieghBridals-53 AshlieghBridals-52 AshlieghBridals-51 AshlieghBridals-49 AshlieghBridals-47 AshlieghBridals-46 AshlieghBridals-44 AshlieghBridals-43 AshlieghBridals-41 AshlieghBridals-39 AshlieghBridals-38 AshlieghBridals-36 AshlieghBridals-33 AshlieghBridals-28 AshlieghBridals-27 AshlieghBridals-25
AshlieghBridals-23AshlieghBridals-26 AshlieghBridals-20 AshlieghBridals-18 AshlieghBridals-17 AshlieghBridals-15 AshlieghBridals-12 AshlieghBridals-11 AshlieghBridals-8 AshlieghBridals-7 AshlieghBridals-5 AshlieghBridals-2

Kimberly | Little Rock Bridal Portraits

We are so excited to share these bridals! Kim and Alex got married in June but we took these a few weeks ago because Kim was too busy to take them before their big day. We got rained out from our original location & decided to take them at the State Capitol in Little Rock. We even got some sunshine & were able to take some outside toward the end! We also tried some new things during this session with lighting!


KimBridals-2 KimBridals-3 KimBridals-4 KimBridals KimBridals-5 KimBridals-6 KimBridals-7 KimBridals-8 KimBridals-9 KimBridals-10 KimBridals-11 KimBridals-12 KimBridals-13 KimBridals-14 KimBridals-15 KimBridals-16 KimBridals-17 KimBridals-18 KimBridals-19 KimBridals-20 KimBridals-21 KimBridals-22 KimBridals-23 KimBridals-24 KimBridals-25 KimBridals-26 KimBridals-27 KimBridals-28 KimBridals-29 KimBridals-30

Kristen | Bridal Portraits

We are sorry we haven’t blogged much lately. We have been in full swing for wedding season the past several months! 18 weddings down for 2014 and 6 more to go! Woo! We promise to stay caught up more with blogging over the next few months. Okay, so back to Kristen’s bridals.

Kristen is such a genuine person & her personality was so easy to work with! And not to mention she is stunning! This bride has it going on! These were taken at a family farm in El Paso, Arkansas. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them.

-Callie and Jaison

KristenBridals KristenBridals-2 KristenBridals-3 KristenBridals-4 KristenBridals-5 KristenBridals-6 KristenBridals-7 KristenBridals-8 KristenBridals-9 KristenBridals-10 KristenBridals-11 KristenBridals-12 KristenBridals-13 KristenBridals-14 KristenBridals-15 KristenBridals-16 KristenBridals-17 KristenBridals-18 KristenBridals-19 KristenBridals-20 KristenBridals-21 KristenBridals-22 KristenBridals-23 KristenBridals-24 KristenBridals-25 KristenBridals-26 KristenBridals-27 KristenBridals-28 KristenBridals-29 KristenBridals-30 KristenBridals-31 KristenBridals-32 KristenBridals-33 KristenBridals-34 KristenBridals-35 KristenBridals-36 KristenBridals-37 KristenBridals-38 KristenBridals-39 KristenBridals-40 KristenBridals-41 KristenBridals-42

Erica | Bridal Portraits

We are so thankful Erica and Chase chose us to capture a new chapter in their life story. From engagement portraits in the fall, to the wonderful bridal session in the spring, and finally to the big wedding day on June 1st! We absolutely loved capturing their special moments over the past year. Chase and Erica have become some of Callie and I’s closest friends and we wish them many years of joy and happiness!

Below are some of Erica’s beautiful bridal portraits!


SIW_2269 SIW_2353 SIW_2512 SIW_2712 SIW_2768 SIW_3211 D6X_9171 D6X_9185 D6X_9204 D6X_9232 D6X_9252 D6X_9268 D6X_9304 D6X_9352 D6X_9382 D6X_9401 D6X_9411 SIW_5528 SIW_5543 SIW_5605 SIW_5789 SIW_5842 SIW_5952-2 SIW_6100

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