Kristen | Bridal Portraits

We are sorry we haven’t blogged much lately. We have been in full swing for wedding season the past several months! 18 weddings down for 2014 and 6 more to go! Woo! We promise to stay caught up more with blogging over the next few months. Okay, so back to Kristen’s bridals.

Kristen is such a genuine person & her personality was so easy to work with! And not to mention she is stunning! This bride has it going on! These were taken at a family farm in El Paso, Arkansas. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them.

-Callie and Jaison

KristenBridals KristenBridals-2 KristenBridals-3 KristenBridals-4 KristenBridals-5 KristenBridals-6 KristenBridals-7 KristenBridals-8 KristenBridals-9 KristenBridals-10 KristenBridals-11 KristenBridals-12 KristenBridals-13 KristenBridals-14 KristenBridals-15 KristenBridals-16 KristenBridals-17 KristenBridals-18 KristenBridals-19 KristenBridals-20 KristenBridals-21 KristenBridals-22 KristenBridals-23 KristenBridals-24 KristenBridals-25 KristenBridals-26 KristenBridals-27 KristenBridals-28 KristenBridals-29 KristenBridals-30 KristenBridals-31 KristenBridals-32 KristenBridals-33 KristenBridals-34 KristenBridals-35 KristenBridals-36 KristenBridals-37 KristenBridals-38 KristenBridals-39 KristenBridals-40 KristenBridals-41 KristenBridals-42

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