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Trey | North Little Rock Drummer

First off, let me just say that Trey is fantastic drummer!! When I was carrying my gear in to where we were shooting I could hear Trey practicing from the parking lot. I thought to myself, “Wow, this guy is good!” A few weeks ago Trey’s father asked me to take some photos of his son playing drums. When I started thinking about how I wanted to shoot this I knew I wanted to try something new and edgy. With the help of some stage fog and strobe lighting we ended up with some awesome photos!!



Trey(I)-3 Trey(I)-4 Trey(I)-5 Trey(I)-6 Trey(I)-7 Trey(I)-8 Trey(I)-9 Trey(I)-10 Trey(I)-11 Trey(I)-12 Trey(I)-13 Trey(I)-14 Trey(I)-15 Trey(I)-19 Trey(I)-22 Trey(I)-23 Trey(I)-29 Trey(I)-31 Trey(I)-33 Trey(I)-35 Trey(I)-37 Trey(I)-40 Trey(I)-44 Trey(I)-49 Trey(I)-50 Trey(I)-54 Trey(I)-55 Trey(I)-59

Jenna & James | Little Rock Engagement

From the moment I met Jenna and James at Starbucks for their consultation I knew I would just love them! They are both nurses and naturally so down-to-earth, easy going and just overall precious! Their session at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock has been one of my favorites. After I suggested the location they were on board, especially since James proposed there! The weather was perfect after a week of rain prior. (Can we get back to that weather ASAP please?) They had the BEST idea to bring a pop-up tent to change clothes in. As a result we are now going to buy one for future sessions! We can not wait for their wedding in September! We hope you enjoy this sweet couple, we sure enjoyed taking these!


Jenna&James_Engagement Jenna&James_Engagement-2 Jenna&James_Engagement-3 Jenna&James_Engagement-4 Jenna&James_Engagement-5 Jenna&James_Engagement-6 Jenna&James_Engagement-7 Jenna&James_Engagement-8 Jenna&James_Engagement-9 Jenna&James_Engagement-10 Jenna&James_Engagement-11 Jenna&James_Engagement-12 Jenna&James_Engagement-13 Jenna&James_Engagement-14 Jenna&James_Engagement-15 Jenna&James_Engagement-16 Jenna&James_Engagement-17 Jenna&James_Engagement-18 Jenna&James_Engagement-19 Jenna&James_Engagement-20 Jenna&James_Engagement-21 Jenna&James_Engagement-22 Jenna&James_Engagement-23 Jenna&James_Engagement-24 Jenna&James_Engagement-25 Jenna&James_Engagement-26

Brandon, Courtney, & Jude | Family Session

We LOVE referrals from our friends! This cute family was referred to us by one of our sweet bride’s and dear friend, Tiffanee Samples. (Who is now Mrs. Miller as of May 10th! Congrats Tiff). I also had German class with Brandon for a few semesters at UCA so I had already heard about cute little Jude from him. So glad that I finally got to meet Jude and Brandon’s awesome wife, Courtney! I feel like I have known Courtney forever because like Tiffanee, she is so easy to talk to and down to earth. Jude’s blue eyes are enough to make your heart melt! The location was PACKED but we were lucky to find a few vacant spots for pictures! Enjoy this precious family of three.


SIW_5357 SIW_5316 SIW_5308 SIW_5298 SIW_5281 D6X_9098 SIW_5259 SIW_5218 SIW_5203 SIW_5196 SIW_5186 D6X_9027 SIW_5182 SIW_5168 SIW_5159 SIW_5154 D6X_9006 SIW_5130 D6X_8996 D6X_8983 D6X_8988 SIW_5079 D6X_8974 SIW_5039 D6X_8957 SIW_5030 D6X_8954 SIW_5001 D6X_8948 D6X_8939 SIW_4973 SIW_4966 D6X_8931 D6X_8925 SIW_4950 D6X_8918 SIW_4943 D6X_8914

Anna Belle

What a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. We of course were thrilled when Anna Belle’s mom, Jennifer, asked us to do some modeling shots of Anna Belle. These are going to be submitted to a few agencies in hopes of getting this cutie some modeling gigs. This girl will give you baby fever for sure! I shot all the digital photos and Jaison shot film.


Love, Callie

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Jeremy & Christina | Conway Wedding

Every since we took Jeremy & Christina’s engagement photos we have known they were such a fun & loving couple! They both share a love for basketball and their wedding incorporated that to the max! We have had such a wonderful time capturing their love story over the past few months!

Congratulations to Christina and Jeremy!

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Mckenzie | Dance Portraits

Wow did we get lucky when McKenzie was the one to win an Instagram contest! We met her at NLR High School when she was cheering during football season in the fall. She is a true sweetheart and so GORGEOUS! We had so much fun with her at Miss Karen’s Dance Studio in NLR.

Thanks for letting us use the studio Miss Karen! Enjoy this beauty’s session!

DancePortraits-21 DancePortraits-20 DancePortraits-19 DancePortraits-18 DancePortraits-17 DancePortraits-16 DancePortraits-15 DancePortraits-14 DancePortraits-13 DancePortraits-12 DancePortraits-11 DancePortraits-10 DancePortraits-9 DancePortraits-8 DancePortraits-7 DancePortraits-6 DancePortraits-5 DancePortraits-4 DancePortraits-3 DancePortraits-2 DancePortraits

Kori & Blake | Conway Engagement

Kori & Blake were such a fun couple to shoot! It was supposed to rain that day but the rain held off just long enough to finish their session. We had some pretty hilarious things happen, like the man who was living in the old house we were shooting in front of. Blake’s parent’s friends own the house but we totally didn’t expect a man to pop out of the window. I digress… The photos were so easy to take though, these two are naturals! The Vilonia scenery was amazing, also!

We hope you enjoy!

Kori&Blake-2 Kori&Blake Kori&Blake-3 Kori&Blake-4 Kori&Blake-5 Kori&Blake-6 Kori&Blake-7 Kori&Blake-8 Kori&Blake-9 Kori&Blake-10 Kori&Blake-11 Kori&Blake-12 Kori&Blake-13 Kori&Blake-14 Kori&Blake-15 Kori&Blake-16 Kori&Blake-17 Kori&Blake-18 Kori&Blake-19 Kori&Blake-20 Kori&Blake-21 Kori&Blake-22 Kori&Blake-23 Kori&Blake-24 Kori&Blake-25 Kori&Blake-26 Kori&Blake-27 Kori&Blake-28 Kori&Blake-29 Kori&Blake-30 Kori&Blake-31 Kori&Blake-32 Kori&Blake-33 Kori&Blake-34 Kori&Blake-35 Kori&Blake-36 Kori&Blake-37 Kori&Blake-38 Kori&Blake-39

Jenna Henson | UCA Senior

We love when we get to photograph our friends! Especially when our friends are so photogenic! This UCA senior session was so much fun & Jenna was up for anything! As UCA’s homecoming queen, a member of Alpha Tau & Student Orientation Staff–Jenna has had a very successful college career!

Congrats on graduating sweet girl! We love you! 

jennasenior-2 jennasenior jennasenior-3 jennasenior-4 jennasenior-5 jennasenior-6 jennasenior-7 jennasenior-8 jennasenior-9 jennasenior-10 jennasenior-11 jennasenior-12 jennasenior-13 jennasenior-14 jennasenior-15 jennasenior-16 jennasenior-17 jennasenior-18 jennasenior-19 jennasenior-20 jennasenior-21 jennasenior-22 jennasenior-23 jennasenior-24 jennasenior-25 jennasenior-26 jennasenior-27 jennasenior-28 jennasenior-29 jennasenior-30 jennasenior-31 jennasenior-32 jennasenior-33 jennasenior-34 jennasenior-35 jennasenior-36 jennasenior-37 jennasenior-38 jennasenior-39 jennasenior-40 jennasenior-41 jennasenior-42 jennasenior-43 jennasenior-44

Hayden & Kristen | Engagement

We couldn’t have picked a better couple to win a special we offered at the bridal fair! So excited to be photographing and filming Kristen and Hayden’s big day! They are seriously so precious. I was so excited when they were down to do the “Love and Basketball” pose when I mentioned it. Also, we love that they incorporated their love for Harding University into their shoot!

Enjoy these sweet lovebirds!

kristen&hayden_engagement-3 kristen&hayden_engagement-4 kristen&hayden_engagement-5 kristen&hayden_engagement-6 kristen&hayden_engagement-7 kristen&hayden_engagement-8 kristen&hayden_engagement-9 kristen&hayden_engagement-10 kristen&hayden_engagement-11 kristen&hayden_engagement-12 kristen&hayden_engagement-13 kristen&hayden_engagement-14 kristen&hayden_engagement-15 kristen&hayden_engagement-16 kristen&hayden_engagement-17 kristen&hayden_engagement-18 kristen&hayden_engagement-19 kristen&hayden_engagement-20 kristen&hayden_engagement-21 kristen&hayden_engagement-22 kristen&hayden_engagement-23 kristen&hayden_engagement-24 kristen&hayden_engagement-25 kristen&hayden_engagement-26 kristen&hayden_engagement-27 kristen&hayden_engagement-28 kristen&hayden_engagement-29 kristen&hayden_engagement-30 kristen&hayden_engagement-31 kristen&hayden_engagement-32 kristen&hayden_engagement-33 kristen&hayden_engagement-34 kristen&hayden_engagement-35 kristen&hayden_engagement-36 kristen&hayden_engagement-37 kristen&hayden_engagement-38

Sinehan | Headshots



All future doctors eventually need a headshot, or two, or three. Sinehan, who is a good friend of mine, texted me a few weeks back asking if we did headshots. We told her of course! They’re not our specialty, by any means, but we were up for the challenge; even if she sent us photos of crazy models with boas.

We had to mess around and get some fun shots when we found a hilarious mask in the office desk. So glad Sinehan was down to clown!

On a serious note, she is breathtaking! Beauty, brains and a sense of humor. We laughed so much during this shoot!


sinehan_headshots sinehan_headshots-2 sinehan_headshots-3 sinehan_headshots-4 sinehan_headshots-5 sinehan_headshots-6 sinehan_headshots-7 sinehan_headshots-8 sinehan_headshots-9 sinehan_headshots-10 sinehan_headshots-11 sinehan_headshots-12 sinehan_headshots-13 sinehan_headshots-14 sinehan_headshots-15

Alex & Kim | Little Rock Engagement

Kimberly & Alex had a super unique location that we had never been to before! Needless to say we are now in LOVE! The gazebo was hands down the coolest gazebo we both have ever seen. They also were up for anything, including, sitting in a flowerbed of tulips! We can’t wait to shoot Kim’s Bridals & their wedding in June!! #huntpartyof2

We hope you enjoy!

<3 The Sterlings

Kim&Alex Kim&Alex-2 Kim&Alex-3 Kim&Alex-4 Kim&Alex-5 Kim&Alex-6 Kim&Alex-7 Kim&Alex-8 Kim&Alex-9 Kim&Alex-10 Kim&Alex-11 Kim&Alex-12 Kim&Alex-13 Kim&Alex-14 Kim&Alex-15 Kim&Alex-16 Kim&Alex-17 Kim&Alex-18 Kim&Alex-19