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Payton Holmes | North Little Rock High School Senior

After taking all of the photos for the NLR Charging Wildcats team this season, I was excited to get the opportunity to shoot Payton’s senior session. When I had originally talked to him about the session he wanted to take some photos on the football field. Well, when it came time for the session the field had already been demolished making way for a new field and school buildings. Wondering what to do, I proposed that we still take the photos by the field with the demolition going on. Payton and his mother were all for it!

Here are Payton’s senior portraits!


PaytonHolmes PaytonHolmes-2 PaytonHolmes-3 PaytonHolmes-4 PaytonHolmes-5 PaytonHolmes-6 PaytonHolmes-7 PaytonHolmes-8 PaytonHolmes-9 PaytonHolmes-10 PaytonHolmes-11 PaytonHolmes-12 PaytonHolmes-13 PaytonHolmes-14 PaytonHolmes-15 PaytonHolmes-16 PaytonHolmes-17 PaytonHolmes-18 PaytonHolmes-19 PaytonHolmes-20 PaytonHolmes-21 PaytonHolmes-22 PaytonHolmes-23 PaytonHolmes-24 PaytonHolmes-25 PaytonHolmes-26 PaytonHolmes-27 PaytonHolmes-28 PaytonHolmes-29 PaytonHolmes-30

Taylor & Alexa | Engagement

Alexa and Taylor’s photos are up on the blog! I have really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph several of my sorority sisters this past month! Lucky to call these beautiful women my sisters & friends. Taylor and Alexa are such a go-getter couple & we are so happy that they are finally engaged! Can’t wait until their fabulous wedding next year!


Callie and Jaison

taylor&alexaINTERNET TaylorAlexa1 TaylorAlexa2 TaylorAlexa3 TaylorAlexa4 TaylorAlexa5 TaylorAlexa6 TaylorAlexa7 TaylorAlexa8 TaylorAlexa9 TaylorAlexa10 TaylorAlexa11 TaylorAlexa12 TaylorAlexa13 TaylorAlexa14 TaylorAlexa15 TaylorAlexa16 TaylorAlexa17 TaylorAlexa18 TaylorAlexa19 TaylorAlexa20 TaylorAlexa21 TaylorAlexa22 TaylorAlexa23 TaylorAlexa24 TaylorAlexa25 TaylorAlexa26 TaylorAlexa27 TaylorAlexa28 TaylorAlexa29 TaylorAlexa30 TaylorAlexa31 TaylorAlexa32 TaylorAlexa33

Anna Lee & Colby | Engagement Part 1

Anna and Colby are on the blog! Their session was definitely worth the drive to Hope, AR. Anna is such a beautiful woman & I am so glad to call her my sister. We met through Alpha Tau at UCA and she is amazing! We had fun riding around with you & Colby on all of your land. Jaison handled the film portion of their session (film scans will be in soon) and I took majority of the digital photos. Can’t wait to do Anna’s bridals!


Callie & Jaison

PS: Jaison, I may have become partial to the D800 after this shoot!


Anna&ColbyBlog-2 Anna&ColbyBlog-3.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-3 Anna&ColbyBlog-4 Anna&ColbyBlog-5.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-5 Anna&ColbyBlog-6.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-6.2 Anna&ColbyBlog-6 Anna&ColbyBlog-7 Anna&ColbyBlog-8 Anna&ColbyBlog-9.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-9.2 Anna&ColbyBlog-9 Anna&ColbyBlog-10.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-10 Anna&ColbyBlog-11.1 Anna&ColbyBlog-11 Anna&ColbyBlog-12 Anna&ColbyBlog-13Anna&ColbyBlog-19 Anna&ColbyBlog-21 Anna&ColbyBlog-25 Anna&ColbyBlog-11.21

Cash Family Portraits

I have known Coach Cash since my football playing days at CAC. Over the past year I have ran into him a couple times at different weddings Callie and I have been working and it is always a joy to see him and his family! I was really excited when his wife won a free session from one of our previous drawings. It was such a pleasure getting to take their family portraits!

Enjoy the photos!!

CashFamilyInternet-2 CashFamilyInternet-3 CashFamilyInternet-4 CashFamilyInternet-5 CashFamilyInternet-6 CashFamilyInternet-7 CashFamilyInternet-8 CashFamilyInternet-9 CashFamilyInternet-10 CashFamilyInternet-11 CashFamilyInternet-12 CashFamilyInternet-13 CashFamilyInternet-14 CashFamilyInternet-15 CashFamilyInternet

The Bray Family

Destiny and I met during my first college class at UCA, Comp I with Stephanie Vanderslice. I thought she was just precious! Now, four years later she has the cutest family! Destiny also was a huge lifesaver back in May when she made all the bouquets in our wedding! (She makes awesome boquets!!) So glad that UCA knew what they were doing by placing us in the same class, I am glad to call her my friend & love the way their photos turned out! Check out the Bray family!

Card DestinyBrysonBuck-2 DestinyBrysonBuck-10 DestinyBrysonBuck-12 DestinyBrysonBuck-13 DestinyBrysonBuck-15 DestinyBrysonBuck-17 DestinyBrysonBuck-18 DestinyBrysonBuck-19 DestinyBrysonBuck-24 DestinyBrysonBuck-27 DestinyBrysonBuck-28 DestinyBrysonBuck-31