Payton Holmes | North Little Rock High School Senior

After taking all of the photos for the NLR Charging Wildcats team this season, I was excited to get the opportunity to shoot Payton’s senior session. When I had originally talked to him about the session he wanted to take some photos on the football field. Well, when it came time for the session the field had already been demolished making way for a new field and school buildings. Wondering what to do, I proposed that we still take the photos by the field with the demolition going on. Payton and his mother were all for it!

Here are Payton’s senior portraits!


PaytonHolmes PaytonHolmes-2 PaytonHolmes-3 PaytonHolmes-4 PaytonHolmes-5 PaytonHolmes-6 PaytonHolmes-7 PaytonHolmes-8 PaytonHolmes-9 PaytonHolmes-10 PaytonHolmes-11 PaytonHolmes-12 PaytonHolmes-13 PaytonHolmes-14 PaytonHolmes-15 PaytonHolmes-16 PaytonHolmes-17 PaytonHolmes-18 PaytonHolmes-19 PaytonHolmes-20 PaytonHolmes-21 PaytonHolmes-22 PaytonHolmes-23 PaytonHolmes-24 PaytonHolmes-25 PaytonHolmes-26 PaytonHolmes-27 PaytonHolmes-28 PaytonHolmes-29 PaytonHolmes-30

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