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Austin Blair | North Little Rock Senior

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to take photos of Austin during the North Little Rock football games. It has been awesome getting to watch him, and all the other players, play football over the past two years. I was thrilled when he asked me to take his senior photos! Austin has committed to play football for Louisiana Monroe next season. Callie & and I wish you the best during your college career!

Enjoy his senior photos!


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Shun | UCA Senior

Shun is one of the coolest people I know. Seriously. He is such a neat guy! He is friendly to everyone and SO involved on UCA’s campus! I am thankful I got to meet him through the Ambassador program and Student Orientation staff when I was a student at UCA. Shun you will go far, I can already tell! We are blessed to call you our friend.

Lots of love,


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Deon | North Little Rock Senior

This past summer Callie and I moved from Conway to N. Little Rock. Deon, who plays on the NLR football team was one of the players who helped us make the move! We are very thankful for all his help! In exchange for helping us move we told Deon we would take his senior photos. We hope everyone likes his photos as much as we do!


P.S. Good luck to the NLR Charging Wildcats this season!!! Also, part of his session was shot on black and white film!

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Jenna Henson | UCA Senior

We love when we get to photograph our friends! Especially when our friends are so photogenic! This UCA senior session was so much fun & Jenna was up for anything! As UCA’s homecoming queen, a member of Alpha Tau & Student Orientation Staff–Jenna has had a very successful college career!

Congrats on graduating sweet girl! We love you! 

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Payton Holmes | North Little Rock High School Senior

After taking all of the photos for the NLR Charging Wildcats team this season, I was excited to get the opportunity to shoot Payton’s senior session. When I had originally talked to him about the session he wanted to take some photos on the football field. Well, when it came time for the session the field had already been demolished making way for a new field and school buildings. Wondering what to do, I proposed that we still take the photos by the field with the demolition going on. Payton and his mother were all for it!

Here are Payton’s senior portraits!


PaytonHolmes PaytonHolmes-2 PaytonHolmes-3 PaytonHolmes-4 PaytonHolmes-5 PaytonHolmes-6 PaytonHolmes-7 PaytonHolmes-8 PaytonHolmes-9 PaytonHolmes-10 PaytonHolmes-11 PaytonHolmes-12 PaytonHolmes-13 PaytonHolmes-14 PaytonHolmes-15 PaytonHolmes-16 PaytonHolmes-17 PaytonHolmes-18 PaytonHolmes-19 PaytonHolmes-20 PaytonHolmes-21 PaytonHolmes-22 PaytonHolmes-23 PaytonHolmes-24 PaytonHolmes-25 PaytonHolmes-26 PaytonHolmes-27 PaytonHolmes-28 PaytonHolmes-29 PaytonHolmes-30