Jordan | College Senior | Little Rock Photographer

Jordan asked me some time ago about doing some photos for him before he graduates college. I love that there were so many settings we got to use! I am glad he was up for a variety of different locations and wardrobe changes!

Here are the photos! This part one of two. I also have some film photos of Jordan that will be in an upcoming post!



D6X_5226 D6X_5248 D6X_5320 D6X_5330 D6X_5334 D6X_5345 D6X_5353 D6X_5391 D6X_5409 D6X_5587 D6X_5416 D6X_5422 D6X_5446-Edit D6X_5454

D6X_5525 D6X_5546 D6X_5557

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