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Watson & Vandiver Family Photos

We are so happy we get to continue taking photos for Chase & Erica! It was so cold on this gloomy, windy day but we managed to get some great photos! The pups did not see to mind the cold!! They were going crazy!


Watson&VandiverFamily Watson&VandiverFamily-2 Watson&VandiverFamily-3 Watson&VandiverFamily-4 Watson&VandiverFamily-5 Watson&VandiverFamily-6 Watson&VandiverFamily-7 Watson&VandiverFamily-8 Watson&VandiverFamily-9 Watson&VandiverFamily-10 Watson&VandiverFamily-11 Watson&VandiverFamily-12 Watson&VandiverFamily-13 Watson&VandiverFamily-14 Watson&VandiverFamily-15 Watson&VandiverFamily-16 Watson&VandiverFamily-17 Watson&VandiverFamily-18

Watson&VandiverFamily-2 Watson&VandiverFamily

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