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Coraline 1 Year Photos

I was so excited when Marissa asked me to take Coraline’s photos again for her first birthday!! She is such a joy to photograph! Balloons, a set of keys, and cupcakes are all it takes to make Coraline a happy camper!

Hope you all enjoy the photos!


SIW_8863 SIW_8616 SIW_8623 SIW_8629 SIW_8633 SIW_8636-2 SIW_8638 SIW_8646 SIW_8663 SIW_8668 SIW_8681 SIW_8691 SIW_8699 SIW_8711 SIW_8716 SIW_8718 SIW_8722 SIW_8724 SIW_8725 SIW_8727 SIW_8734 SIW_8747 SIW_8772 SIW_8788 SIW_8794 SIW_8798 SIW_8803 SIW_8809 SIW_8819

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