Jenna & James | Little Rock Engagement

From the moment I met Jenna and James at Starbucks for their consultation I knew I would just love them! They are both nurses and naturally so down-to-earth, easy going and just overall precious! Their session at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock has been one of my favorites. After I suggested the location they were on board, especially since James proposed there! The weather was perfect after a week of rain prior. (Can we get back to that weather ASAP please?) They had the BEST idea to bring a pop-up tent to change clothes in. As a result we are now going to buy one for future sessions! We can not wait for their wedding in September! We hope you enjoy this sweet couple, we sure enjoyed taking these!


Jenna&James_Engagement Jenna&James_Engagement-2 Jenna&James_Engagement-3 Jenna&James_Engagement-4 Jenna&James_Engagement-5 Jenna&James_Engagement-6 Jenna&James_Engagement-7 Jenna&James_Engagement-8 Jenna&James_Engagement-9 Jenna&James_Engagement-10 Jenna&James_Engagement-11 Jenna&James_Engagement-12 Jenna&James_Engagement-13 Jenna&James_Engagement-14 Jenna&James_Engagement-15 Jenna&James_Engagement-16 Jenna&James_Engagement-17 Jenna&James_Engagement-18 Jenna&James_Engagement-19 Jenna&James_Engagement-20 Jenna&James_Engagement-21 Jenna&James_Engagement-22 Jenna&James_Engagement-23 Jenna&James_Engagement-24 Jenna&James_Engagement-25 Jenna&James_Engagement-26

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