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Brandi + John Keith | Conway, AR Wedding

The Keiths are finally on the blog! We have been patiently waiting to finish editing this wedding and we may have even taken a break from our Disney vacation to complete these because we didn’t want to keep them waiting! We didn’t mind at all though because this couple is adorable! Brandi and John tied the knot on October 25th at the Hendrix chapel in Conway. Their reception was held at the Old Gin, also in Conway. Their “first dance” was probably our favorite of all time. It was super fun and cute! Enjoy this sweet couple’s wedding photos, these are our favorites from their big day!

Lots of love for these two!


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Tucker + Lillian | Little Rock Engagement

Tucker popped the questions on November 29th at the Capital Hotel in Little Rock. We were hidden away waiting to jump out with our cameras at any minute. He brought her upstairs to a bench by the Christmas tree to open her birthday gift, after a romantic dinner downstairs in the hotel restaurant. It was super exciting to capture one of the most important moments of their lives! Lillian had no idea what was coming! We wish these two the best and hope the wedding is everything you both hope for! Props to Tucker on such a sweet proposal!

-CallieSI2_7295 SI2_7294 SI2_7291 SI2_7288 SI2_7281 SI2_7280 SI2_7279 SI2_7276 SI2_7273 SI2_7268 SI2_7265 SI2_7255 SI2_7254 SI2_7253 SI2_7251 SI2_7249 SI2_7246 SI2_7244 SI2_7241 SI2_7238 SI2_7236 SI2_7235 SI2_7231 SI2_7220-2 SI2_7220 SI2_7218 SI2_7216 SI2_7212 SI1_4646 SI1_4644 SI1_4642 SI1_4641 SI1_4635 SI1_4634 SI1_4632 SI1_4629 SI1_4627 SI1_4626 SI2_7188 SI1_4625 SI1_4624 SI1_4623 SI2_7182 SI2_7181 SI1_4621 SI2_7178 SI2_7177 SI1_4610

Jenna & James Dean | Little Rock Wedding

Jenna and James are the coolest couple ever! Seriously, they are both nurses, which I love that they both share the same profession. As husband and wife photographers, Jaison and I can totally relate to having the same profession as our spouse. It is an amazing experience and a special thing to share! They also are going to appear on the television show ‘Tiny House Nation’ early next year. It was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen, there was a TV crew filming that their wedding!! Since they’re going to be on that show, that means they just built a “Tiny House,” if you don’t know what that means google the show and check it out. It is super neat! This couple’s love is so real and not to mention they are both GORGEOUS! We loved shooting this wedding at The Villa Marre in Little Rock! Congrats Jenna & James Dean! We love y’all!

-The Sterlings Jenna and James Jenna and James-3 Jenna and James-4 Jenna and James-5 Jenna and James-6 Jenna and James-7 Jenna and James-8 Jenna and James-9 Jenna and James-10 Jenna and James-11 Jenna and James-12 Jenna and James-13 Jenna and James-14 Jenna and James-15 Jenna and James-16 Jenna and James-17 Jenna and James-18 Jenna and James-19 Jenna and James-20 Jenna and James-21 Jenna and James-22 Jenna and James-23 Jenna and James-24 Jenna and James-25 Jenna and James-26 Jenna and James-27 Jenna and James-28 Jenna and James-29 Jenna and James-30 Jenna and James-31 Jenna and James-32 Jenna and James-33 Jenna and James-34 Jenna and James-35 Jenna and James-36 Jenna and James-37 Jenna and James-38 Jenna and James-39 Jenna and James-40 Jenna and James-41 Jenna and James-42 Jenna and James-43 Jenna and James-44 Jenna and James-45 Jenna and James-46 Jenna and James-47 Jenna and James-48 Jenna and James-49 Jenna and James-50 Jenna and James-51 Jenna and James-52 Jenna and James-53 Jenna and James-54 Jenna and James-55 Jenna and James-56 Jenna and James-57 Jenna and James-58 Jenna and James-59 Jenna and James-60 Jenna and James-61 Jenna and James-62 Jenna and James-63 Jenna and James-64 Jenna and James-65 Jenna and James-66 Jenna and James-67 Jenna and James-68 Jenna and James-69 Jenna and James-70 Jenna and James-71 Jenna and James-72 Jenna and James-73 Jenna and James-74 Jenna and James-75 Jenna and James-76 Jenna and James-77 Jenna and James

Jenna & James | Little Rock Engagement

From the moment I met Jenna and James at Starbucks for their consultation I knew I would just love them! They are both nurses and naturally so down-to-earth, easy going and just overall precious! Their session at Two Rivers Park in Little Rock has been one of my favorites. After I suggested the location they were on board, especially since James proposed there! The weather was perfect after a week of rain prior. (Can we get back to that weather ASAP please?) They had the BEST idea to bring a pop-up tent to change clothes in. As a result we are now going to buy one for future sessions! We can not wait for their wedding in September! We hope you enjoy this sweet couple, we sure enjoyed taking these!


Jenna&James_Engagement Jenna&James_Engagement-2 Jenna&James_Engagement-3 Jenna&James_Engagement-4 Jenna&James_Engagement-5 Jenna&James_Engagement-6 Jenna&James_Engagement-7 Jenna&James_Engagement-8 Jenna&James_Engagement-9 Jenna&James_Engagement-10 Jenna&James_Engagement-11 Jenna&James_Engagement-12 Jenna&James_Engagement-13 Jenna&James_Engagement-14 Jenna&James_Engagement-15 Jenna&James_Engagement-16 Jenna&James_Engagement-17 Jenna&James_Engagement-18 Jenna&James_Engagement-19 Jenna&James_Engagement-20 Jenna&James_Engagement-21 Jenna&James_Engagement-22 Jenna&James_Engagement-23 Jenna&James_Engagement-24 Jenna&James_Engagement-25 Jenna&James_Engagement-26