Lee & Richard | 501 Life Magazine Pet Feature

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to take photos of Lee & Richard’s animals they keep on the farm for 501 LIFE Magazine! I am still amazed at how well all the animals cooperated for the shoot! Now that the magazine has come out we can share these beautiful photos!! Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine!

LeePetFeature-2 LeePetFeature-3 LeePetFeature LeePetFeature-4 LeePetFeature-5 LeePetFeature-7 LeePetFeature-8 LeePetFeature-9 LeePetFeature-10 LeePetFeature-11 LeePetFeature-12 LeePetFeature-13 LeePetFeature-14 LeePetFeature-15 LeePetFeature-16 LeePetFeature-17 LeePetFeature-18 LeePetFeature-19 LeePetFeature-20 LeePetFeature-21 LeePetFeature-22 LeePetFeature-23 LeePetFeature-24 LeePetFeature-25 LeePetFeature-26 LeePetFeature-27

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