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Kayla Zurga Nevala | NLR, AR Bridals

When a bride tells us that she wants to bring her dogs to her bridal session, we do a little happy dance! Kayla’s two fur-babies were so cute and made the perfect little models! As a huge dog lover, I love that she wanted to include them (we have three of our own)! Kayla was so much fun and we are so thankful we got to work with her and Louis! Wedding photos from their day at Cold Springs will be coming to the blog soon; but for now – check out her gorgeous bridals and sweet pups!

– Callie and Jaison


Florals: Tipton & Hurst

Bridal Venue: The Terry House

Dress: Low’s Bridal and Formal 

Videographer: Betwixt Magnolias

Wedding Cake: Natalie Madison

DJ: Central Arkansas Entertainment


Vanessa + Austin | Conway Couple

Eeeeek! Can we just first say we are obsessed with their cute dogs?! These pups are super friendly and of course adorable! We have puppy fever! (Okay, maybe just me!) Vanessa and Austin were troopers because the day that we did their shoot it was FREEZING! You can’t even tell though right?! Enjoy this sweet and simple cute shoot that we did in Conway. We loved working with these two!

Lots of love,


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Abbey + Kyle | Little Rock Mini Session

We got to include our best friends in our mini session day this year! Although we shot Abbey’s sister’s wedding, Abbey and Kyle have never had a session with just the two of them before. Luckily, we had an extra opening in our schedule the day so we did mini sessions so decided this would be our Christmas present to our sweet friends! They brought their pups, Trooper and Benny! Love how these turned out! Enjoy

Lots of love,


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Vandiver & Watson Family | Little Rock Family Session

We love photographing the Watsons and Vandivers! We did Erica and Chase’s weddings a year and a half ago and since then we have done two more shoots! We love how much Goose, (their dog) has grown since our last session a year ago! This year’s session was much much warmer than last! Tim & Lesa, we love y’all too, of course! Little Lucy is as cute as ever!

Enjoy our sweet friends! Looking forward to many more years of family photos with y’all!

p.s. we included some fun ones in there for y’all too!

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The Dunkums | Little Rock Mini Session

This was part of our mini session series and we could not have been happier with the way these turned out! This family was so easy to photograph. We met them through NLR basketball and have been so blessed to work with them.They were super laid back and made our jobs so easy! Plus, they are all gorgeous right?! Even their cute little dog, Louie! Check out the Dunkum’s mini session!


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