501 LIFE Magazine Pet Features

Over the past few months I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people around central Arkansas. I owe this to 501 LIFE. I have been photographing their pet features for the magazine and I just have to say that I am thoroughly impressed and in awe of the warm-heartedness these people have. All of them are animal lovers (as you could of guessed). Almost all of the pets I have photographed have been rescues. Just being able to meet such wonderful people really makes being a photographer worth while. Below I have posted some of the photos I have taken for the magazine!

Enjoy!SIW_6441 SIW_6291 SIW_6280 SIW_6227 SIW_6224 SIW_2440 SIW_2425 SIW_2358 SIW_0912 SIW_0870 SIW_0795 D6X_0944

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